Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

Feedback on Day 1:

  1. I’d like to see “Add to tag” added in-line with the current Tags. There’s no need to go up to the three dots and select “Add to tag”
  2. Is it me or is the Font a bit small? Especially when viewing Tracks and data associated with a Track such as “Performed by”, “Composed by”, “Lyrics by”, etc…

Otherwise, I am digging it!

Thanks Team Roon!


Agreed! At least give the old Horizontal Pages as an option.


Just want to say big THANK YOU :heart:.
I have to say I’m very impressed by all the updates in 1.8. Really really cool.


Great look, great feel, but one thing : where are the ratings (the five stars rating from AMG) in the artist page ? It was so useful to pick up an album when you discovered an artist.
Now you have to enter every album to see it…
It is possible to put it back ? In the artist page, and in this marvellous new “Discography” tabs ?



Like the snappier remote performance on iPhone

Where are the album reviews?
Am sure I’m likely being thick and missing something but this seems to have disappeared

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Yes, I am from the netherlands, I am not sure I have a dutch windows version. It stands on english

I may be in the minority but I really dislike the direction Roon is taking with the use of space and the large graphics. I feel like I am using software made for a little child.


+1 same issues

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Yes, my iPad Pro froze and a core reboot didn’t fix it. Closing all apps on I pad seemed to work…

Artist hyperlinks work, however Album hyperlinks remain stuck in the “album loading” screen.(iPad pro iPadOS 14.4)

Please make the waveform navigation bar wider…it is for all intents and puposes impossible to use on an iPad.

Do like the new look and feel, and thank you for portrait mode :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same issue here, tested with german and english language.

i have the same issue on configuration page. it shows just browsersettings, not the rest of settings.
i wonder that noone noticed that on testing PC version?

So far it’s looking good but, missing a Tag button to go a long side the Focus and Favourites button. To get into Tags you now have to go into Focus and then select Tags unlike 1.7 which was a one click move.


Unfortunately, this is an another big disappointing release for me.

Yes, UI is nicer, I like it, but none of basic issues that bothered me were not addressed:

  • no useful window title/toolbar button text on Windows (I want to see what’s playing without having Roon window in foreground; it’s wasted space otherwise)
  • still unable to reorder more than one song at a time in the queue
  • song skipping on network problems
  • you still make distinction between songs/albums on Tidal and those in the Roon library!! There is absolutely no excuse for that. I understand why is done like that internally, but as a user, I simply don’t care. Play counts are messed up because of that and I cannot like (heart icon) many (thousands) songs I have in my playlists… I’m a programmer myself, I can think of at least three solutions immediately. This is a bad design and needs to go away!
  • you like to call some Roon subsystem by name (Valence?!) and state how smart it is, but it is still not smart enough to give me new album releases for artists that I listen/like.

Sorry, but that’s just silly.

P.S. Why Roon Radio takes entire line in the queue?! So much wasted space on that screen…


I am very happy with the upgrade. I use on my Linn Klimax player through IPAD and Roon Nucleus .
So far everything is perfect. Very intuitive interface.Especially the classical search engine. Much much better.Can now search for example Bruckner’s 8th symphony and it gives me every recording available first on my library and then all recordings listed in Qobuz. This is what I was hoping for with the upgrade. There improvements are too numerous to mention. Well done!


Install was fine and working well on my QNAP TS-251+ and iMac.

The interface is a huge improvement on the previous version – much more elegant and with more room for the content, navigation and artwork to breathe. Very pleased with this!


Just started using Roon 1.8…one of the first things I tried was the iPad Mini as a remote…in portrait mode…Whoop Whoop!!! Loving the clean look of the update so far.

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Looks great. No problems so far. Nice work guys!


Same issue here with the settings page. With Roon Server on Intel Nuc (German Windows 10 64bit) there is only one page (General) in the Settings available.Beside this on my Ipad it crashes when i try to switch to “settings”.
So, no good experience for the new 1.8 as of now. Wondering a little bit why this was not detected. It is not a rare functionality to use normally…
Upate: Windows 10 switched to English language and Roon App switched to German language → settings worked again. Weird.


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