Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

Totally agree. On all my computers it looks like a white icon with some barely discernible writing. Looking at my entire taskbar it is the only icon that isn’t instantly recognizable.


Actually it can tell potentially tell you a lot. Albums with very little dynamic range (sausages) are usually slammed by a limiter and often have inherent clipping and distortion. DR is not a direct indicator of sound quality but it IS an indicator.


There have been requests going back up to 5 years by roon early adopters.

Usually me ears will tell me about clipping and distortions. :sunglasses:


Are you sure you’re using 1.8? Shuffle only shuffles 5000 songs (starting alphabetically) and won’t get past A or B on my system. Just literally tried it again to verify. Verified bug by Roon. But it works for you? Can you tell me how you’re doing this?

Focus is not “combining”. It’s further narrowing each time. If you say “Jazz” and “Folk” it does not play ALL your Jazz and Folk. It only plays songs that have BOTH and Jazz AND Folk tag (rare). This is ludicrous. It worked great in 1.7 and prior. Focus wasn’t broken then. Now it’s broken.


after upgrade to 1.8, my RME ADI-2 DAC FS can not be recognised. is there anyone have the same issues?

Sure but you’d need to listen to it first. I’m saying if you look at an album and the album has a 3db dynamic range, you might want to skip it altogether. It can also identify differences between various mixes or master releases.


I’m not sure if this will help resolve your problem, but rebooting the core machine did the trick for a lot of users with similar problem (me included).

I agree it’s far from critical - a “nice to have” if the guys were going to re-jig the footer.

I’ve got to say (unrelated) that the slickness of 1.8 on my asthmatic old Lenovo Yoga tablet (I think it’s on Android 8-point-something-or-other) is remarkable. And - great from an accessibility point-of-view - the new Roon responds to the device text size setting.


I have an RME ADI-2 DAC FS too. I frequently have to reboot the Roon core to get it to show up again.

I think any presence change (powering the dac off and back on while the Roon client is running, for example) for ASIO or WASAPI devices under windows will confuse the core and require a reboot.

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@Manny It happens with other dacs and on macOS also.

Well, maybe an open bug tracker is too high an expectation, given current state of affairs.
In support, we only have 2 links:

  • Help center
  • Community

As a customer who pays for the product, I expect a third one:

  • Bug report

This has been requested many times over and over again. They must still believe their product is free of bugs…:innocent::innocent:

That’s a pity. It’s been a real breakthrough for me, almost all good hits. I can’t seem to get the setting to persist though, I have to keep selecting it.

Nothing, I stopped Roon analyzing audio within minutes of installing it because it seemed to be taking its time, and have no interest in the wave bar whatsoever, so I don’t get it. Some people are really into visualizations, but not me.

As an example, if I try to find complete recordings of the opera Turandot, one of the first results is the soundtrack to Bend it Like Beckham. :roll_eyes:

Like you said, the setting isn’t persistent either. Annoying.

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I wonder if the “play” arrows on the now playing page can be made EVEN SMALLER? I would like to use a toothpick to select each song since using my finger, like on previous versions, has become literally impossible.

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Put up a feature request.

Dude, is that a trick question? It WAS useful as a scrobbler to advance with a light and precise finger touch to particular sections of a track. It WAS useful for testing system changes on familiar tracks or browsing thru a track to decide to listen or not, etc. Now the thing is ENTIRELY USELESS and the thought police demand that we find it revolutionary. Sorry, not me. It’s a FAIL.


Write a feature request.
Use normal friendly language and letters.