Roon 1.8 (build 778) Feedback

They lost the plot and need to get back to being the best music DAM out there and leave the Spotify crap to Spotify. The Home page should be the overall robust music discovery page (minus graphs and other clutter), and simply a sidebar of album recs in album view, and peers, influences, and influenced under artists.


They`re moving more and more away from library management, I’m afraid. Just read those handful of posts just above… All lost in dysfunctional AI / Valance nonsense.


only way would be curated by knowledged humans!
anything based on “most people”… :grimacing:

Well, if I change sorting order (ascending/descending or by another criteria), then Discography appears. But if I open this page later it is unavailable again, until I change sorting order one more time.

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Android update now available (US). Just got it. New focus options work great.

That layout suggestion would’nt work too well in Portrait mode, though…

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Nobody understands this one… Perfect example on how to make simple things complicated.

Once you add a second filter criteria, a “and/or” selector should pop up between them for you to choose what you want. Would be soo much simpler.

Filter1 >> and/or. >> Filter2 >> and/or >> Filter3

Then everybody would see/understand whats going on.

I thought that it would be possible to search and use Focus for a record label, for example ECM, and that it would include my own library and also Tidal. Is this not possible?
When I do the search it only includes records in my library…

No, that still does not work :roll_eyes:

To bad. Is it something that is going to be fixed or will it never happen?

Same crash on iPad…constantly!
Nothing changed

On iPad Pro 11 Zoll 512 and iPhone 11 Pro constant crash when scrolling through genre. Works fine on MacBook Pro
All newest OS version, all German Version…

You need to ask the lords of Roon… :innocent: We get all the cr@ap we dont really want (“Top”, “Popular”, “Notable” and all that BS). But the really useful and simple things like finding albums from a certain Label?? -->> Mission Impossible…


I’d wait for the App update to appear in iOS store to match the latest Roon version.

on the other hand… I’m happy to report “pick” sign is back in compositions too :slight_smile:

well done, guys. thank you so much :+1: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
(… even though it took a few years to fix this one :grimacing: :joy:)

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Qobuz marked and liked - stays unmarked in qobuz library and by adding circle of death…
What’s wrong with you? So many complains and still so many problems. Please try to test much harder next time. I think you’re beta tester not really testing. It’s so increadible unstable, even with new strong hardware…

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First they need to get basic search to work. Lately, it seems to often come back with something ‘popular’ at the top level vs the what was actually searched for.

The re-design of the Focus allows you to select whether you want to “Match All” or “Match Any”. How do you do this ?

There is a small lcon to the right of the specific focus category headings:


It only works for a subset of the Roon-applied metadata tags - e.g. Genre type of thing. There is a little icon to the right of the category in focus.

Doesn’t work for user Tags and a bunch of other metadata. But works for some.


@Andreas_Philipp1 has created a support topic on the unexpected behaviour from the new Match All/Any logic:

Please comment and support.


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