Roon 1.8 (build 778) Feedback

I use a rock server on a NUC (Intel NUC Frost Canyon Tall I7-10710U) but I have not noticed this problem.

Where have all the Focus selections gone?? Is this a glitch or have I done something?

This looks like an issue I am having as well. I have described it here. So far no response from @support

Ah so it’s a glitch then. I’ve just got the spinning Roon symbol where the Focus selections should be. That’s on my iPad. iPhone seems ok for now.

Under artist in my library not all albums show up.

It could possibly be linked to this issue? Which Roon are investigating:

Good- Ok thanks! Yeah. upon further checking, I get some artist’s albums coming up and not others. It’s weird! It’s a known phenomenon at least :slight_smile:

Hi, noticing this sort of duplication of audio devices…

Similar but I’m not in discography. Just artist>all albums>my library. A good deal are not listed

The topic also includes people encountering issues on the Artist>‘Overview’ tab.

It might be worth posting some screenshots of your issue over on that topic.

I posted this further up the thread but might have something to do with the discovery page also:

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How about my licence…?Will we stopped and resume when problem will be resolved?
I hope yes…

The latest android app skips songs all the time running on the FiiO M15. Thanks Roon! This is exactly what I was looking for. I restarted everything, the core, the player and nothing.

Yeah - but how does it work with tags? Please don’t tell me it doesn’t.

I mean the match all / match any functionality.

Actually I don’t remember from which version it began, but why sometimes Roon shows me disc numbers in track list on the album screen, but sometimes it doesn’t? It’s really inconvenient and confusing to have no idea at what disc I’m looking at now.

After updating to the last roon app on the IPad no crash anymore when scrolling through genre…
thanks for the fix

I don’t think the Library Settings options for Album Versions is functioning. I spent a lot of time trying to use the parentheses options to no avail. I posted a plea for help and info here.

Has that Duran Duran album been added to your library, or are you viewing it on Tidal or Qobuz via Roon?

I ask because I’ve just looked at this album on Qobuz, and saw the same as you - no disc numbers. However, once I added it into my library, the disc numbers showed up…

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Hi Geoff,
It’s funny because I opened the forum right now to write exactly the same, that I discovered that Roon doesn’t show disc numbers for non-library albums.

it actually depends on metadata from the streaming service: Roon is using those for albums not added to your library :wink: