Roon 1.8 (Build 790) Feedback

… in the meantime I’m going to install this ( it’s a Cobot)…


I think it will be perfect for perfect straight/linear scrolling movement… and it must be what has been used during the debug time otherwise I don’t understand how nobody discover this “feature” before the upgrade release

ok I’m just kidding a little to try to take it a little more easy… this epileptic-scrolling is all except a pleasure… but for sure they are working on that…let’s hope it will not take too much


Running Windows 10, qobuz, Synology NAS, Chord DAC all is good here.
Agree that the Artist View needs to be evolved.

pro-ject stream box 2 ultra, iPhone 10R also good.

How can we mar support team so they would pick up the topic?

Likewise, somehow, it seems like there are not many people bothered by this. I’m just glad that there are actually others that experience it. I think Roon knows but just have given priority to other issues. But just in case (they never responded) I keep reiterating this and other issues every new build that they are not addressed.

build 790-the problems started three days ago, the playback icon did not respond to pressing at all or every other time, the laptop rebooted, could play without sound, stopped responding to any icon pressing - rebooted again, and today I completely stopped seeing the connected audio device Pro-ject pre box s2 digital, I also rebooted the laptop , deleted Roon and put it back , nothing helped until I did a rollback to build 764, this assembly returned everything to its place, What is wrong with the 790 build ?

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Is it possible to filter or delete the many unhelpful fields which now clutter the Focus tool? I have about 3 or 4 which I need and use. (In particular, I need to sort albums by sample rate/resolution.) The rest are an impediment. By the way, Focus is also slow and inconsistent in loading.

Kevin Callahan

grafik Pin the ones you need.

Thanks, that helps!!

Build 790 has a few issues for me.

Sometimes skipping or pressing play on tracks have a big delay until the music starts, roon 1.7 was immediate when skipping os initiating the play of a track, now the experience is sluggish and frustrating sometimes.

This happens on Mac Pro in OS X running as a core and using other devices like a computer or tablet as a remote, the same behavior a synology ds3615xs also running as a core.

That could be an issue with a specific streamer, but I am experiencing this with all my devices, 3 of them are roon ready like for example the sotm, Naim, blusound, also with some airplay devices

Also some albuns skip tracks with no reason, the only way to correct this, is removing the album folder completely, scan folders, clean library, then add the folder again and rescan all folders.

Also the upgrade from 1.7 to 1.8 destroyed my database, giving constant crashes in roon on the NAS. Had to start from scratch and Analyse all my tracks again, is a large library and took weeks.

There are some serious issues that need urgent attention and need to be patched as soon as possible

Slow behavior has been a thing since 1.8, many weeks have passed since the upgrade came out and the problem persist.

I like the new 1,8 look but since is launch I have been suffering issues that sometimes destroys the experience of using roon and the stability that 1,7 had.


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Yes, I can confirm that.

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I can too.

Yes a pain in the …That design is the worst to have to scroll and scroll to choose 4 things…

I have the same problems but having a new streamer makes identifying & proving the precise source of the problem a little more difficult.

I have 4 streamers and some AirPlay devices, and the problem is consistent, restarting the server sometimes resolves the issue but not for long.

And never experienced this issue before Roon 1.8. I use roon for some years now and the issue is only present since 1.8 realease.

Also when using the streamers without roon and streaming by UPNP the issue does never happen.

Anyway I Am living with it until roon resolves this, but for me the experience with 1.8 hás been painful in this respect.

Streamers are: Naim NDX 2, Sotm SMS 200 Ultra, 2 blusound Node 2i.
AirPlay devices: Home Pod, various HomePod Míni, 4 Apple TV 4k.
Other AirPlay devices are some Denon gear in the home cinema room.

The roon core runs on a Synology DS 3615xs or in a Mac Pro, all equipment is connected by cable, only homepod’s are wireless only.

Hi Riky

I also use an NDX2 + HugoTT2/Mscaler (Hardwired) but haven’t proven if they both suffer from latency problems, certainly my Airplay/WiFi devices suffer, I will check them out & report back as it might be worth getting support involved.


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