Roon 1.8 (Build 806) Feedback

This thread is for user feedback regarding Roon 1.8 and Build 806 in particular. See the Build 806 Release Notes here.


Great update. The IOS remote update is available also. Good work Roon team.


In general the update includes nice TIDAL features (my favorite: skipping back to the right scroll position - THANK YOU SO MUCH!), but I have two further suggestions:

  1. Please include TIDAL’s new “My Daily Discovery”
  2. Please include a shuffle function to my TIDAL favorite songs (I really do not understand why this song list is exempt from the shuffling function).



Hi! My MacOS build number is 806. But my iOS build numbers (iPhone and iPad) are still 795. Are they supposed to be the same? If so, how do I update my Roon on iOS?

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Great new update, i like how the new search is working :blush:

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The function on that Roon now ”remembers” the scroll position is really a lifesaver! :smiley:

  • Resolved inability to use “Add to Playlist” action in case of TIDAL or Qobuz playlist

I hoped this meant the ability to add songs to Tidal Playlists, but it doesn’t.

Fantastic update otherwise. The iOS layout slider issue fix as well as the Tidal playlists and improved search appear fantastic - look forward to diving in more.

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To me, this is another disappointing update that doesn’t resolve any of basic problem with Roon…

It’s critical that you make artists/albums/songs appear as the same object wherever they are - on Tidal, on Qobus, in local files, added or not in Roon library.

And I’m still confused how come Valence is so smart and it cannot list ALL new releases every Friday based on artists I listen/have in a library…

Still no current song name in window titlebar on Windows?


Selecting one bookmark (all albums sorted by date), scrolling, selecting a few albums and clicking back. The scroll position is retained. Having this list of albums scrolled to let’s say 10% of the scroll length and selecting another bookmark (lets say qobuz albums sorted by date) starts the list at the exact same scroll position as the previous bookmark. Obviously it should start from the top. Selecting another bookmark while looking at an album goes to the top, which is the expected behavior. Also, on Android (FiiO M15) the scroll position is not retained when using bookmarks. It works on NRFY. The iOS version works fine.

Go to Genres. Select one. In the Your Albums select More. Scroll down. Go back. Select a subgenre. In the Your Albums select More. The list opens with the previous scroll position.

Also, I managed to crash the macOS app in the first minute of running by doing multiple rapid scroll/open album/go back operations.

I am glad to see Roon realized following their promise of „discovering your music“ it’s nowadays a requirement to meet personalized recommendations like Spotify & Co are already doing quite nicely.

Though this shouldn’t be focused to Tidal rather than also Qobuz. And especially the Roon Radio should finally provide individual suggestions based on a users entire listening history.

There are still some standard elements missing like album art in playlists on mobile app which suddenly disappeared since 1.8

Also for example still no preference setting for streaming service which is usability wise very annoying.


Why hurry? :innocent:


It seems they solved one bug by introducing another. Going back to a previous album list should bring you to the old position. That is solved. But switching to a new overview should bring you to the top of the new list.


It’s a standard testing technique. Any QA person would do the same.

Mines updated in uk.
Still most disappointed as it won’t change my vinyl on the turntable yet though.


Update is here.
Scroll position is fixed.
Thank you Team Roon.

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I can’t reproduce any of these, can you open a thread in #support with a screen recording?

Stupid question: Where do I find my Daily Mixes? Upgraded server and client but I can’t seem to find it.

Feedback on the 1.8 release in general: I really love how fast it picks up changes to the library compared to 1.7. I’ve barely finished adding music to my NAS and it’s showing up in Roon. Great work!