Roon 1.8 (Build 806) Feedback

I’ve never seen it on my iPhone but it still happens on my iPad. I was hoping the latest update would fix it.

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Fantastic update for me, solving one mission critical problem, plus one great interface improvement.

Mission Critical Fix: now Nucleus/ROCK plays tracks with accented characters in the filename path! This fix alone redeems my Nucleus for me (I had been forced back to my Mac mini pending this fix).

Interface Improvement: I’m so happy that Bootlegs now show as a category in “More from My Library” (a suggestion I made when 1.8 launched).

One additional suggestion for the next update: we still need a “Compilations” category in “More from My Library” to complete the set. :slight_smile:

I think i remember tht this was a bit of a special case, with Mac/iTunes involvement, right? Glad it has been fixed and working for you, but i’d still like to recommend you to use simple english letters and numerals in your music paths. Your library will be more “portable” and compatible for future events.

By all means, keep accents and special characters in the meta data of the files though. Any decent player should be able to read and handle those. But sorting might be a mixed bag.

Well, like a few million other people, I’ve relied on itunes to rip and tag and organize my music library for over 15 years, so your good advice comes a bit late for me…

By no means, there are plenty of useful tools out there that can assist with automatic “cleansing”!

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Apparently, Daily Mixes are ‘shared resources’, so only if you have been good it is your turn to get your fair share.
Oops! - no Daily Mixes for me today as well :upside_down_face:


‘Daily Mixes’ - here yesterday, gone today, back tomorrow?

It would be one thing if it never showed up, but to show, disappear and reappear the next day is absurd.

"Daily Mixes’, brought to you by Roon’s invisible ink option.

Whenever I have no daily mixes, I simply do a search and get the wildest and most diverse and unexpected daily mix. :innocent:
So use search as a workaround…


Daily Mixes - present yesterday, but not today

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This Daily Mix thing is bizarre, I can’t swear to checking everyday but every time I look its there and with a new set of “seed” artists.

It has to be a local issue surely as not everybody is seeing the problem. Is it specific to

Tidal or Qobuz ,
Windows or Apple or Linux .
Ethernet or WiFi

There must be a clue somewhere.

Mine is Win 10, i7, etc Tidal Hi Fi on Ethernet for example

For Daily Mixes - cannot find the setting just to use Qobuz not Tidal for the tracks. Where is that?

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Still crashes my MacMini M1.
How: Adding new songs to currently playing queue from Tidal and local on the server app itself, not remotely. It does crash the MacOS leading to auto-restart.

No other program does anything like this, something is seriously wrong here.

I’ve always had my ‘daily mixes’ apart from one day. I’ve done no updates or system changes etc.
I can’t explain how it disappeared just for a single day.
Restarting Roon, reboot Core etc didn’t make a different, but they reappeared next day.

However, my Wife hasn’t seen them at all yet, is it down to a profile issue? (however wife isn’t a big user, and hasn’t much history).

I think the latest update is really good, hope Roon get to the bottom of this issue, as it’s a really good improvement.

The Daily Mixes ‘here today, gone tomorrow’, continues as listed yesterday but not today

MY daily Roon mixes have been gone for four days and TIDAL personalized playlists are also gone…- a great Update indeed…

Not so daily mixes gone again.

Just tried it on my iPad, no sign of daily mixes. Are they hiding somewhere? I did see them on my Android device once, but not today there, either.