Roon 1.8 (Build 880) Feedback Thread

Question for the NUC ROCK users:

Is the update automatic or do I need to intervene to get it installed?

I’ve updated app on iOS devices. Still need to do Android and Windows desktop but I am out of house at the moment.

It depends on how you have it set. If you never touched it, then I think the default is automatic.

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I think we have to wait for Amazon App Store to update to the latest version. Hopefully it will be in the next day or so. I have the same problem, in that I use 3 Fire HD 10 Tablets as controllers and am not prepared to ‘side load’ the update from Google Play Store. For now i’m using an Iphone or a Windows 11 laptop to control the music. Not perfect, but not the end of the world…as long as it’s resolved soon :worried:

Roon update failed on Windows 10 and on iPad and iPhone. When I open any, I see the Roon logo pulsing. Unfortunately, that is all it does. Grateful for any advise on how to fix, please. @support

Same here unfortunately.

I noticed too: Connection failed: Roon using new/additional network ports since 880? - #6 by Christophe_Saelens

I had to uninstall Roon Remote on my iPad in order to update and getting it to work again. Without the uninstall, it was just stuck with the old version telling me I needed to update, and the app store didn’t see that I needed an update. The old version wouldn’t function.
Only uninstall of the older version of the app allowed me to download the new version and get things working.

Just wanted to say thank you for restoring album art miniatures in playlist view on a smartphone. I’ve been waiting for it since the 1.8 release.

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Yeah that was it. I agree with you that communication should be more clear on these things.

You really should get the Roon core off that computer anyway and onto either a dedicated computer or something like a Nucleus or NUC. It sounds like that computer is doing a lot of work and roon is not a light piece of software. You’re sort of inviting at least performance/reliability issues if not some noise. Just a suggestion – everyone’s situations, considerations, and constraints lead to different choices.

Update broke many Qobuz links. The albums are still listed in my library but with no cover and tracks show as unavailable. Solution is to delete the albums and re-add them. It’s a lot of work and I’m concerned about the stability of my database.

On another issue, I see that Roon staff made a conscious decision to use band logos in place of artist images. I understand the logic, but I imagine if you have OCD the occasional logo mixed in with the artist images must drive you crazy. It’s mildly irritating to me because I spent a lot of time collecting acceptable artist images and now they’re replaced by logos. What’s more irritating is it was yet another design choice made by Roon with no input from the user base. The beta testers didn’t seem to mind so maybe I’m just way off base.

Where is Roon Recommended Playlist? I do not see it on my homescreen. Am I missing something? Is this only available if you have Tidal or Quboz? But I love that finally (after many years request) shuffle goes back to the Off position automatically when selecting a new Play Now function. Shuffle should always be an optional selection, not a default position. I continue to love my Roon experience.

Scroll down, I found them there…

Yes i think you need a streaming service as all the tracks are on there.

Does anyone know how to revert to the old Build while Roon fixes this one?

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No nightmare scenario but some odd glitches which may not be related to updating.

Update to 880 went without incident and playing from local library was fine. Today Tidal logged out in the middle of playing a track. Later Roon became unresponsive when checking the Signal Path, had to force quit. Neither of these has ever happened before.

So, @Mark_Johnson2, I got tired of waiting for the Amazon Roon app update with each new build and went ahead and modded my Kindle Fire to accept Play Store apps because the android updates are released almost simultaneously with the core build release. There are lots of videos on how to do this mod, but I’ve linked one that includes links to the four necessary apk files. It’s pretty easy to do as long as you pay attention to the correct order of apk installations. Obviously all the usual disclaimers about your own responsibility for modding your gear, etc…

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Same here unfortunately

In my opinion, making comments don’t add value to the issues at hand. Constructive feedback is what’s needed. Unsupported speculation is what drives many of the the threads on this forum down to shouting matches and vitriol.

I get you are disappointed, that’s clear. But would you comment or act this way at work in an open meeting with mixed levels of Staff present?

It’s up to us to set the tone.

I do hope your issues are fixed by now or will be soon. This is a hobby and should bring us joy.

Take care.


Play Now / Play From here actions disable shuffle

That is a big improvement in usabilty. Thanks for this.