Roon 1.8 (Build 880) Feedback Thread

Go to settings and about.
You can install the update from there.
Though it normally pops up on the client to tell you

Update went smoothly for me, but i am seeing a HUGE increase in RAM usage. It starts slowly but after some hours it can end with 9gb of RAM allocated only to roon core. Usually this was fixed around 2gb of RAM steadily. Could there be any memory leak?

Running Roon Core on a Intel NUC with Windows 10 Pro.

DB failure…Constant crash…What a crap…

It looks poor, no background, is it supposed to be or is it a mistake?


Hi @bassman see Update to Roon 1.8 Build 880 corrupts my Roon Core database for this issue.
And welcome to a dead Roon system!

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Hi @Son_Nguyen2 See Update to Roon 1.8 Build 880 corrupts my Roon Core database for my reporting of this issue.

No, Roon on ROCK using a NUC that has a Roon Core database dating from 2015.
Last time I had to start from a fresh database was after Build 30

Hello I have exactly the same issue. Have you found a resolution?

You’ve got to wonder if Team Roon is considering lowering the number of supported platforms. Are there too many to support vs spending that time on stability and features?

If you ran on a device that was going to become unsupported and were told that you had one year to switch to a supported platform, would you? Or would you move on?

Has there been any reports of Nucleus or Roon specified ROCK on NUC?

I’m running Roon Rock on a series 4 Nuc.
Upgrade went smoothly.
No issues. Although I can see many have, hopefully these can be sorted.

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This is the question. Forced obsolescence isn’t a good look.

I get that Roon will always run best on Roon-designed/engineered components. But to be forced to go that direction because their update bricked my perfectly good alternative, well, that makes a guy pretty salty.

But what is a reasonable time frame for backward compatibility? Should Roon run on a Commodore 64 or Windows 3.0?

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hmnmm, not saying that.

Just that it would be good to know if an update will kill the app on my mac.


I agree, that’s why I picked a year’s notice. Maybe it could be longer, but it may be necessary. Would you spend the $500 - $600 or so to have a super stable core that upgraded without issue if given enough notice?

Win7 is end of life/end of support. It had a good run. Shouldn’t Team Roon do the same? Less distraction would serve well the entire community.

Not to mention the high blood pressure these failed upgrades incur.

Or, maybe they should just sell Roon pre-installed on a Nucleus.

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Wonderful. If i read correctly: yesterday I had an almost corrupted but working database with no warning and today I have a unusable corrupted database and 10 unusable backup of this same unusable database. And no tool allowing to rebuild it or at least a part of it.

Congrats. Very nice work.

Subscription Autorenew=off.


Thanks for the steer Simon - I got lucky and found a backup from a 6 weeks or so ago that now seems to be running smoothly and I’ve added little in that time that isn’t in my watch folder, so I am more or less where I left off. I hope the rest of you have some luck and can find a stable backup that doesn’t crush your soul!


“Playlists by Roon”? I love you, Roon. But I can’t overstate how much I do not and will not care about your playlists or your experts’ playlists as long as I cannot edit my own Tidal playlists in Roon. I spent years creating playlists in iTunes, and I’ve spent years recreating and expanding them in Tidal. Nobody creates playlists for me better than I do. Roon is a great way to discover new music and rediscover old music, except that I can’t add any of those discoveries directly to my existing playlists. I’m starting to think you just don’t care about us old Gen X mix tape makers.


But I don’t see an update for the Pkg that gets installed on my NAS

Seems like great new features. I noticed that when I tried to add a Qobuz album to my library, it just kept on spinning. When I navigated away and back to the album, I get a plus sign to add to library. When I reboot Roon, the album page shows up as a library album, but the album icon does not show up in “recently added” on my home page. All this is from a Roon Remote on my iMac Pro; my Roon core is a Nucleus.