Roon 1.8 (Build 880) Feedback Thread

I had the same issue and it took me ages to get everything up and running by uninstalling and re-installing.
Not a good second introduction to Roon - updates should just happen in this day and age. My first attempt failed because Roon audio quality was much worse on my older Naim Streamer/Devialet system that it was without. I need to give it some time to see if it works for me now.

Yes although I already had the December Windows cumulative update installed.

Its unfortunate that you had to reinstall. My update did just happen in the end, it was just the message on screen that was misleading.

Constant crashing on Windows 10 with Roon core. Another botched update, and just when everything was working smoothly for once…

Had a minor problem. After the fall update, my iMac cursor acted up. It was jittery and difficult to elect what I wanted.

I did a hard reboot of the Mac and all was well again.

Opening Settings/Library/unmerge compositions → crashes as well

Update not great for me. Previously stable Chromecast audio devices and groups now constantly disappearing and reappearing over and over. Rebooting everything including router and devices on network hasn’t helped

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Betting it’s the same UPnP ports issue that’s plaguing those with more than 7 Sonos zones. Thanks to those smarter than me who figured it out. I disabled a few Sonos zones and all started working again, I assume Roon team will eventually get to it.

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I wonder if the 7 total devices/zones thing applies to Chromecast audio, too then? I will disable some until I have 7 only and see how it affects my continual reappearing/disappearing device issue (which is also stressing out the core machine CPU since the update)

@Kevin Please make logos a different category in the avatar section, so I can choose to ignore the logos as an avatar. At the moment my artists avatars are a mix of artist (people) and logos as I can’t filter the avatar photo with the artist (people) from the logos.

I had to uninstall the room remote to prompt the newest version from the Google play store.
Other than that went smooth and all looks good. The roon update on my windows 10 core and endpoint went smooth. Everything seems good

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Successful update and playback on my N+.

No images at all showing on home page nor artists nor albums. Have rebooted core on NUC, same issue in Win10 PC and on IPad 9.7"Pro. after playing on track, that artist’s image did appear in the artists’ page as per a post above also found.

Having rebooted both core and client and waited some time, the issue is not resolving itself any time soon, I believe that some images are now crawling in very slowly - something very broken…

I am very happy to hear a significant upgrade in sound quality. Update was automatic with no issues whatsoever on Rock and IOS. It also autoupdated Roon bridge on all 7 of my Raspberry Pi end points.

I run Roon Core on an Intel 8i5 NUC (running Roon Rock), and have Windows 10 PCs, an iPad Air and Samsung Android control devices.

Just upgraded to Roon version 1.8, build 880, and the upgrade completed quickly and flawlessly. As reported by @Scott_Grant I had to uninstall Roon Remote on my Samsung phone before I cold access and install the new version of Roon, but that was hardly an issue.

My only issue is that I had hoped that the update (given the description of the release by ROON) would have resolved my longstanding problem of missing metadata on the album playing page when using Roon Radio. Unfortunately I still get intermittent missing metadata on this page which is a bit of a pain:

Other than this one issue for me, the update seems to have gone very well. All of my control points work at least as well as before. Airplay and Chromecast devices work perfectly on peripheral systems as do my main systems (Linn Klimax DS/1 and sonore microRendu/Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ respectively).

Upgrade on Nucleus+ went smoothly, no issues noted at this point in time.

There are always comments about sound quality changes after software updates. Perhaps I have heard them, perhaps not but usually they are minimal if at all. This upgrade does appear noticeably more transparent, “cleaner” sounding IMHO. I found myself stopping what I was doing and kept looking up, my brain was trying to make sense of the change I heard. YMMV LOL!

I wish Roon would add a device profile for the HOLO May KTE DAC.

Is there a way to disable the background image on the now playing screen on IOS IPad? I would like to see just the album cover (and local art i have) and this is a bit distracting. Thanks!

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With the update I lost all my composer pictures. The pictures I loaded myself.
Is that normal?

Of course, if 250,000 updates are performed, it won’t work as smoothly as it did for me in every single case, but there is no other solution that can handle such a database and hardware suitable for it (powerful computer and wired network solution). The Roon team beats all competitors with two streaming services plus a local media library, but there’s still work to be done so that even the last 25 customers can sing along happily.

Getting some fun out of life

Other providers stop working after only a few 10,000 songs in the library or only allow 10,000 songs as favorites or in playlists. So tested with Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon… real greatness only shows in this Roon niche

Of course there is still a lot to do and the more we support now also with fancy pictures, technical hints etc. the better everything will be.

Can we please turn the Roon playlists off? For me, it is just another form of spam. I was happy when I discovered Roon five years ago because I did not like the interfaces of all the streaming services, especially the playlist that was always right there in your face with stupid titles like “chill” “workout” “evening Jazz” etc. Now Roon is doing more and more the same. There is not one playlist there that I remotely like. Now I have Christmass Carols on my main page, something I was trying to avoid like the plague. Please let me choose what I see on the main page. Let me turn off all the spam, please.