Roon 1.8 (Build 880) Feedback Thread

My ROCK and iOS devices all updated with no issues. But this doesnt look right on my Windows 10 (21H2) desktop machine;

Says it needs an update, but then it says I have the latest version installed. The desktop PC is clearly not up to date though as it is still running build 831.

EDIT: Ok I left it open for a while, then when I hit Go Back in the top left corner and then Connect next to my core I was able to RELAUNCH. Now it is working again. The message above should really have said that it was downloading the update or something?

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Agreed, definently slower than before… We need caching on the Controller, methinks!

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See the same, on some albums

Very straightforward update for me, despite not reading the need to update remote apps ahead of the core update.

K50 running Antipodes 3.12 and all endpoints present.

Took the precaution of uninstalling the Windows App and database, for a fresh download of build 880, though it did update before that with no problems: is it good practice to uninstall the Windows App when there is a core update, as I think had been suggested in the past?

First impressions are that it does ‘sound’ very good and perhaps an improvement on the previous version. I mainly stream from Tidal (and some Qobuz), and listen to Radio a great deal, which may be a factor.

Given that I deleted the previous database, Roon is very busy updating, and so album covers are a little slow to load, but I assume that will improve when the updating of the database stops.

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I always struggled with live radio streaming to my sonos speakers.

Despite choosing a lower quality it still cuts out so I don’t seems to be getting any network improvements.
Tidal content works fine, so it’s back to using the sonos app.

I was hoping to implement Roon as a single control source but this prevents that along with the ipad magic keyboard issue.

There is caching on the controller, but from what I am seeing the cache was cleared after the update so the images are re-downloading the first time you view them. At least mine are loading as fast as normal again after the initial download to the controller cache.

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There’s a Windows update lurking at the moment, I had to update that as well , could interfere ?

All upgraded perfectly with Qnap TVS 471. iPad and android… It all seems snappier too…

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I had the same issue and it took me ages to get everything up and running by uninstalling and re-installing.
Not a good second introduction to Roon - updates should just happen in this day and age. My first attempt failed because Roon audio quality was much worse on my older Naim Streamer/Devialet system that it was without. I need to give it some time to see if it works for me now.

Yes although I already had the December Windows cumulative update installed.

Its unfortunate that you had to reinstall. My update did just happen in the end, it was just the message on screen that was misleading.

Constant crashing on Windows 10 with Roon core. Another botched update, and just when everything was working smoothly for once…

Had a minor problem. After the fall update, my iMac cursor acted up. It was jittery and difficult to elect what I wanted.

I did a hard reboot of the Mac and all was well again.

Opening Settings/Library/unmerge compositions → crashes as well

Update not great for me. Previously stable Chromecast audio devices and groups now constantly disappearing and reappearing over and over. Rebooting everything including router and devices on network hasn’t helped

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Betting it’s the same UPnP ports issue that’s plaguing those with more than 7 Sonos zones. Thanks to those smarter than me who figured it out. I disabled a few Sonos zones and all started working again, I assume Roon team will eventually get to it.

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I wonder if the 7 total devices/zones thing applies to Chromecast audio, too then? I will disable some until I have 7 only and see how it affects my continual reappearing/disappearing device issue (which is also stressing out the core machine CPU since the update)

@Kevin Please make logos a different category in the avatar section, so I can choose to ignore the logos as an avatar. At the moment my artists avatars are a mix of artist (people) and logos as I can’t filter the avatar photo with the artist (people) from the logos.

I had to uninstall the room remote to prompt the newest version from the Google play store.
Other than that went smooth and all looks good. The roon update on my windows 10 core and endpoint went smooth. Everything seems good

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Successful update and playback on my N+.