Roon 1.8 (Build 880) Feedback Thread

Do we really need an “! improve this photo” right there on every @#£&* artist image? Nice feature, but can’t it be hidden in the 3 dot “edit” menu?


Exactly. Bad idea to place it on the banner. Especially when it’s also in the edit menu.

Very welcome feature nevertheless.

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You are not alone. It’s happened to me as well.


EDIT: ignore - uninstalled app, reinstalled it again and it loaded nicely onto the Samsung this time! Good job all!

Version updated smoothly on ROCK core, Lenovo Thinkpad PC, Apple tablet, but Samsung Note 10+ does not update - goes thru to Google Play but only ‘Uninstall’ and ‘Open’ options. Tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling - same issue.

Do you have any evidence that there is any interest in selling?

No issues updating Roon on my Mac Mini Late 2014 running Monterey 12.1. Very pleased so far.

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Zero issues here, running core on SGC I5, remotes on mac airbook M1, iPad Pro M1 and iPhone 11 Pro.

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I haven’t read the entire thread, so forgive me for giving surplus feedback.

  1. Better communication to translators of deadlines and availability of strings would be appreciated. I didn’t finish my language in time obviously.
  2. Please, please don’t clutter the artist images:

    This is what the “three dot menu” are there for!
  3. in general i dont see much change for my usual usage. And i like that!

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Smooth update , did update all remotely, no need to touch core.

Now for the new bits :smiling_imp:

Smooth update - ROCK and all 3 remotes. Everything working.

Cheers for the update Roon.

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Really really really like the ROON playlist section. Well done ROON team!

Update went smooth and music is playing. One thing I have observed is that album covers are loading slow on IOS remotes and Mac remote. ROON ROCK is on NUC.


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Upgrade on imac 2012 and iphone 12 went smoothly.

Is it my ears or has roon sound quality gotten better (slightly more delicate details coming through and improved soundstage separation)?

New features for art are fun - it’ll never please everyone but it’s an innovative community touch that I guess I can still override by customising my library still. Hope those of you having upgrade gremlins get them sorted soon.

My update was fine, but a statement in release notes triggered me:

Did you mean NO ONE? Or is NOONE the name of an audio brand?

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Had this issue also - at the moment there seems (to me anyway) to be a limit of 7 Sonos zones/endpoints before this issues kicks in. So workaround (hattip to @Mr_Smys who diagnosed it ahead of me) is

  • from Settings/Audio disable the Sonos zones until there are 7 or less (you will have to choose which ones you want to hang on to!)
  • hopefully you will then see the Ropieee zones appear in the zone selector

Running 1.8 (880) on Mac (os 12.1); connected via thunderbolt to a DAS (drobo5D)

After installing, a lot of album covers are gone.

  • I’ve cleared caches.
  • tried to re-identify albums but the images won’t come back.

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I have constant crashes on the iPad 3 mini. I am seriously thinking about buying an android tablet.

There seems to be a bug in this new version, at least for Android Remote Control. Visual indicator for the playlist was displayed in the previous version, but is no longer displayed in the current version.