Roon 1.8 Build 882: incorrect resizing between full screen / windowed (track view)

No problems for months with Roon with the possibility on my Asus laptop to display Roon in full screen or in windowed mode (Win10 pro 1920x1080).
This mode allows to have a format with the artist’s picture higher and closer to what we can see on a tablet.
Ideal to have a window on the side of your laptop screen.

Here is what it looked like yesterday with the 880 version :

Today with the 882 :

Windowed (tracks view) :

Windowed (author view) good :

Hi @Stef_Dahl,

Thank you for getting in touch with us about this. I checked with the product team on this one and I have some info for you!

Some of what you’re seeing with this behavior is due to ongoing work to take full advantage of the new imagery features we’re rolling out with Art Director. There’s a fix coming but it’s tied to some new stuff that’s on the way. Please bear with us for a bit while the team works on this, you’ll like what you see!

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