Roon 1.8 (Build 903) Feedback Thread

Add me to the list of Mac Mini server that no longer finds any devices.

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Yes, I’m on a MacOS/iOS ecosystem here and immediately upon updating I noticed that the client crashing behavior has returned. I hadn’t had the app crash in several weeks, perhaps since the previous big-ish release (around xmas?). Woke up this am to find the app had crashed in the night, a common occurrence prior to a few weeks ago when an update seemed to stop it. FYI.

@John_Jones @Johan_Ellersten @Thomas_Spanyol @PRE @Angelo_Rasmijn and more…

Please keep an eye on this thread as Roon are aware of these Mac issues and working on it .
Hang tight please and thank your for your patience!

Roon stopped seeing Audio Zones/DAC after update to build 903 - Support - Roon Labs Community


Another smooth update here. Android and Chromebook remotes, Linux core.

Mac Mini i5 Late 2014 Monterey 12.1 no issues so far…


Roon remote Crashed 2x on windows 11 within an our.
Rock seems ok though.
Just restart the roon app and it plays from where it crashed…

On my iPad Pro (2017) scrolling is SO MUCH BETTER now that I’m retroactively annoyed at how bad it was before, even though I never really had a problem with it. :slight_smile:


Roon on iPhone 12 Pro Max crashes within few seconds. Core is Intel NUC.

Roon Core (MacMini OS 10.15.7)

The update Roon 903 does not crash but did exhibit some very strange behaviour following the update.

After updating, Roon took a long time launching then appeared to rebuild the database. I have approximately 32k tracks stored locally on an attached USB drive, after reading these it proceeded to add my Tidal favourites – about 9.5k tracks.

What happened next was truly weird. The Artist, Album, Track and Composers count all began to decrease. As track count went from 40,939 to 2,000 I quit Roon.

I rebooted the Mini. On launch Roon again did a database rebuild, and it’s mostly OK. However the Recent Activity display is wrong, Played is correct but Added is not, it places 5 old albums at the top. In addition the time listened is not correct, losing about 7 hours per week for the previous 3 weeks.

So far it’s stable and playing to multiple zones just some real weirdness.

My Roon Remote on my Apple iPad is now often freezing/crashing … OR often not able to hold the connection to my Roon Core (Windows 10 on my PC). Music keeps playing when it freezes/crashes. Roon Core is running version 1.8 build 903 (64 bit). Any ideas ? … this has not occurred before. I have not changed anything in my setup.

904 now 0 hours. And recently added is completely screwy.

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I’ve noticed the " 0m for hours listened" every night going back a long time. Not new to this update. It seems to happen when the process thinks it midnight and a new day is added. It’s not midnight here but I guess it is somewhere. Restarting the remote comes back with the correct hours and a new day listed.


Hi Mike;

Restarted both Core and Remote and no change. 0 hours listed for the past 3 weeks.

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Roon updated twice just now and I am no longer able to play anything through my Devialet 200. I constantly get this message “Roon lost control of the Audio device because it was turned off.” Renders this investment in hardware and software useless for the time being! Please help!

Update, multiple restarts to ROCK finally cleared the issue. Stress level going down now!

I am sorry to say, 903 is broken. Just sits there and doesn’t play any music. CPU of server is at 30%.

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Well, that is different, not what I’ve seen happening here. Sorry it didn’t help.

Are you on an older Mac?
If so there is a further build904 that should help

903… totals still working here. Rock on Nuc.

Rock - Nuc. No issues here. Probably an older mac?