Roon 1.8 (Build 913) Feedback Thread

I’m sure you do remember specific sounds very well, I do too working in professional audio everyday for years - once you focus on details and how they perform in a space and what adjustments sound like you embed those impressions into different memory locations than ‘what this song sounds like’ memories. It forms a different neural pathway.

Now, comparing to smelling potatoes and onions (ok, now hungry) is not an accurate comparison to sound as smell memory is in a completely different part of the brain, and one that is more closely linked to memory; mammals have this historically to identify our mothers and den and danger and enemies. The olfactory center is much more hardwired to memory for this reason and isn’t a good comparison to general sense-memory.

The brain absolutely plays tricks on our minds vis-a-vis sound quality, sound details - certainly when we ‘focus’ on what an adjustment has done our brains often corroborate our expected results even when the factual change is not commensurate. This is the nature of forebrain perception. However, when NOT concentrating on the changes or ‘what does this sound like now’ the brain will absolutely be able to tell that ‘something has changed’; so I’d say that, much like looking at a faint star where focusing off to the side allows our retinas to engage with the more sensitive rods rather than cones, if we listen as we normally do rather than focus on the timbre of a specific instrument, it will be readily apparent when things have changed, for better or worse. In my experience. Then focusing on what has changed and why is more possible. However, it takes practice to not fool yourself. And even then, perception is slippery.

And, on top of all that, people hear differently. There are absolutely ears that ear well and specifically resolve details, and there are ears that don’t. Meaning brains that don’t. So, knowing what kind of ear/brain system you have is a basic starting place to understanding how to evaluate sound reproduction. My 2¢ (from years of experience evaluating critical sound reproduction systems.) YMWV. (Your Mileage Will Vary…)

Oh. And dogs 100% remember day to day and suggesting otherwise is ridiculous (I know you weren’t suggesting this but referring to others). They perceive and retain information differently than we do, but their memories work great for what they need. Their sense of smell is hundreds of times more sensitive than ours, and hearing is generally more acute, but in any case sensory cues are committed to a dog’s memory just as they are with ours. Just note how they know the difference between our footsteps and those of a stranger, and if we’ve been with our ex-girlfriend by the smell of our clothes, or where that bone was buried two seasons ago… they remember without doubt. They just form sense memories based on different cues than we do, generally - much more reptile brain, fight-or-flight level stuff. Not so much sound quality of a stereo system level stuff.

EDIT: And to vaguely stay on topic: latest build working very well for me, no hiccups installing or playing so far. Thanks!


Remote: Galaxy Tab S6 SM-P610 / Android 11 / ONE UI 3.1

After updating the app to Build 913 the GUI is flickering between normal tones and a slightly darker tone (light or dark mode).

Is @Support looking into this. Adding albums is a nightmare since the upgrade? Are other users having problems adding new albums?
Also Roon gets confused now when an album is removed.

Album added as shown but Roon thinks the third movement of the Piano Concerto should be repeated! I can say that for certain only one copy of the file is present om my system. 913 seems to have made the database very flaky.

Interesting point, which raises an interesting question.

If you think about it there must be quite a wide range of initial conditions that would lead to the statement “that’s the smell of fried potatoes and onions”. For example, the chef could use different types of potatoes, different oils to fry them, different types of onion, different mixes of herbs and seasonings, but I suspect you would still recognise the smell immediately … fried potatoes and onions.

Perhaps it’s the same with audio. When you say things like “I knew when the setup was correct because when playing certain tracks I could remember what the vocals sounded like”, maybe there’s a whole range of objectively different ways those vocals could sound that would lead you to the claim “yep, that’s how they should sound”.

I’m not saying that we have no powers of discrimination, clearly we do, but I suspect that our objective accuracy in such matters is way less than we would like to believe.


Yes it appears to be a bug for now.

Importing local album bug (from B911) -split tracks - Support - Roon Labs Community

I don’t know if it’s my imagination but somewhere between the last two upgrades Radio is now playing a mix of music in my local library and from Qobuz. Prior, I am fairly certain most if not all tracks played were coming from Qobuz.

I readily admit this may be me simply not paying close enough attention prior and Radio has been playing my local library along with streaming.

From recent release notes:


Thanks @joel!

I really do need to read the release notes a little more thoroughly.

Chromecast display now stops displaying after some time and the icon under volume controls that used to turn blue while displaying now doesnt change even though roon is displaying on chromecast. First issue happened since 913, second came a couple of releases ago. All on ios

@Zeki_Mustafa - This fixed this issue for me.

Im one of the many who complained about scrolling on ios,cancelled my sub a few months ago because I got fed up asking roon to fix this,the new update is going in the right direction so I signed bck up,still work to be done though as it’s about 90% fixed on my ipad pro iphone 13 pro max,still seeing screen tearing and occasional stutter on ipados but it’s alot smoother overall,had to laugh though as I seen quite a few comments saying ios is alot smoother and faster,these were the same people who threw in comments saying it’s probably my network causing issues and they don’t have these problems

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Metadata issue since I believe build 913, some heavy band think they are part of the album and tracks, I added a bunch of albums to MusicBrainz did rescan them and saw this issue I thought it would disappear ones the data is in Roons database but no.

Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 05.43.15

Since the 913 update and simultaneously a SonicOrbitor update, none of my remotes can see the Core. I don’t what else to try as now Roon is totally non-functional. I open the roon app on my ipad, iphone, and mac and none of them can see the core. I have rebooted “everything” (modem, router, sonicorbitor, all remotes) multiple times in the past 24 hrs w/o any change…just says “can’t find core”. I deleted all Roon apps and reinstalled them on my iphone and ipad and still get the “can’t find core”. Never had this happen before and really don’t know what else to try. I haven’t changed any connections, settings, equipment. Just did the update and now am dead in the water. Any help appreciated.

This is a known problem, but the solution is simple:

  • goto the settings page of your Sonicorbiter
  • select Roon Server
  • check or uncheck the setting to allow local playback
  • save settings
  • undo the changed local playback setting
  • save again
  • and you have woken up Roon

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Arlen! I will try this tonight when I get home. Thanks a bunch for the help!!

The former memory leak problem with the Synology core is solved for good. The spike on the left is from the 8xx version. Since then just a great trend:


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Since a 913 update. My android phone pie 9.0 will not open roon . I get the roon splash screen then completely black blank . So no control whstso ever. Rebooted windows core router etc made no difference. Apple phone still works. Any suggestions?

Delete app cache and uninstall/reinstall app?

Just tried exactly that, it made no difference