Roon 1.8 (Build 933) Feedback

So far so good. Installed without issue on a Nucleus Plus.

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So far so good.

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All good at this point. I’ve noticed lately that the Android and IOS updates have been immediately available when the Roon update notice appears in the forum. Wonder if that is by design are luck.


WIN 10 Roon Server install plus WIN 10 and Android remotes here, installed without a glitch as always.
The various screen contents seem to be loading faster.

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Update ROCK, Android-Device, Win 10 32 & 64 Bit and Iphone without a problem

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Same here. Loading does seem faster. That’s a welcome change.


Two Win11 NUCs updated w/o a problem. iOS updates not showing yet. All good

Can’t say I notice any difference in response time to anything so far.

Just updated on Nucleus (Rev B), plus macOS and iOS remotes. All is well so far, though I never had problems with B931 or other recent releases either.

To be fair, I could simply be enjoying the results of a reboot. I haven’t rebooted since the last release.

Scrolling on iOS remote seems improved. :grin:

but still some micro stutter when scrolling slowly.

iOS scrolling definitely improved making it really smooth finally with iPhone 12 Pro.

Might the latest update also have a positive effect on audio quality via Qobuz?

Switching from play to pause and back again takes noticeably longer for me. This was clearly improved with the last release.

I get an error on Roon ROCK when trying to update.

First try was an epic FAIL: slow, constant “adding music to library”, loss of connection with various remotes (laptop, Fire tablets, iPads, iPhone). Absolutely terrible.

Rebooting and will update in a few minutes.

After rebooting my Roon Core (just the Roon software, not the entire computer and operating system) things appear to be back to normal. My Roon Core runs on a Window 10 computer and most times a reboot of Roon straightens things out.

Is this with local or streamed content? I just tried both and I also “clicked ahead” on the same song and didn’t have any issues.

Perhaps I was too quick with my statement. I restarted my Nucleus and now it’s fine (with Qobuz). If I was wrong, sorry.
I will test tomorrow with different sources (local and streamed).


Installed easy on my QNAP TS-364. Works.

But it does not help to fix the “Music files not found” Problem which is here since i started to use roon on this new NAS instead on a NUC with the Music-Files on the NAS only. I can play Radio and Stream Music from Tidal. CPU load is load and it works fine. But i like to listen to my music files.

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I am very happy with build 933. Not only does it seem to have resolved a very annoying bug (Loading artist screens crashes Roon remote client), but it loads album, artist and discography screens faster than ever before.

If replacing legacy code is what it takes to make Roon a much more stable and responsive system, by all means continue doing this, instead of adding new features.


Did the update right before exercising and half of my exercise playlist was unavailable. Later discovered that the update logged me out of Qobuz. Bit of a nuisance that!

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