Roon 1.8 (Build 943) Feedback

That’s certainly my experience (& recollection) :+1:t3:

After updating my iMac and iPad to 943, Roon stopped working when the iMac goes to sleep. It shows “no audio devices found” and then loses connection altogether. As soon as you manually wake up the iMac, Roon works again. This is very frustrating, using Roon remote always woke up the iMac and it worked flawlessly until this update.

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Maybe Roon has fixed something. My Dell XPS 15 control device has not locked up today. Fingers crossed.

EDIT: Nope, still happens.

I am having a similar problem
Every few minutes the system locks up

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Clearly, there is a programming bug when they added Magic Keyboard support.
Now, if I’m typing something in the Search function and I hit the Space Bar key to continue typing my search term, Roon iPadOS app would not realize that the Space Bar tap is part of the Search term entry, and not part of my desire to pause the music. Of course, if my search term has multiple words with multiple spaces, the music starts and stops each time I hit the Space Bar key.
If I remove the iPad from the Magic Keyboard and type in the Search function, taping the Space key on the iPad touchscreen keyboard would not pause the music.