Roon 1.8 causes Devialet Phantoms to Drop

So when RAAT finally came out for the Phantom Golds, it was welcome relief. for the last year, I have fought with airplay whereby my phantom airplay zone (attached wireline ethernet) would drop (note my phantom reactor wi-fi zone did not demonstrate this behavior). my theory is that polling for airplay somehow stopped, and I could only get roon to see the zone if I rebooted my appletv (which resides on the same home network).
fast forward to the RAAT release and I had a stable stereo zone for my Phantom Golds (of course now renamed Phantom I’s). they were a pleasure to use again. Roon, of course is awesome.
So I load up 1.8 and get my core upgraded and what has happened since? the zone drops sometimes which I think I cured with a buffer delay of 2000 or 3000ms, but now, when tracks switch from resolution to resolution, the speakers go silent. like they froze in some sort of computation. roon continues to show the track playing, but the phantoms go absolutely silent, sometimes they will reboot spontaneously. the only way I have been able to correct to behavior is to reboot both phantoms, though once, I simply paused the track playing, hit the rewind arrow so the processing ended, waited for 30 minutes and it worked again. what is it with the way 1.8 is working that causes the phantoms to now freeze / lockup? when this happens I can load the devialet app, and I can vary the volume, but when I go to settings and. press the button for the speaker, I do not get the normal feedback sound, though the app recognizes the presence of both speakers. I have reset the speakers, added them to the system, to no avail. has anyone experienced this problem? it is when the sample rate or resolution changes from one song to the next. so I can play a contiguous album, but when roon radio starts, if the next track is not the same resolution, it’s done. I get the same effect if I switch music myself and that music has a different resolution than the track previous).

I tried to recreate your issues by playing music at different sampling rates to my Phantom Golds, and did not have any issues with the system freezing. However, I do know that there have been broader issues with zones dropping following the latest release. It may make sense to move your thread to Support so that it gets investigated.

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Ive been monitoring the Devialet Chat, and I believe this issue is related to the mute function (which is auto invoked when sources are switched (and I presume resolutions change)). There is apparently a beta FW that solves the issue but there are a number of devialet owners who are currently having issues whereby the speaker appears muted/frozen but the software still recognizes the speaker presence. How 1.8 finally helped this phenomenon manifest itself in my system, I don’t know. But see this thread starting around page 7: DOS 2.12.3 + Devialet app 1.14: it’s there

Alexander (Devialet)

Feb 13, 2021, 17:08 GMT+1


I am sorry for the inconvenience.

The fix of this update will be out very soon, in the next days.

It will solve your issues.

Do not hesitate to come back to me if needed.

Have a beautiful weekend !

Alexander | Customer service & support Devialet
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The new firmware is out and installed in my system. so far, promising results, only left to test leaving the system idle for some hours and coming back to see if mute can be turned off without reboot. firmware update through the normal devialet app.

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