Roon 1.8 Classical Music improvements? Not so fast

I was really looking forward to the improvements in classical music organization promised in roon 1.8, and I like what I see. The challenge however is when you use the new interface to attempt to play any music.

As an example, if I choose a composer, say Mozart. I then get to see a list of his “Notable Compositions” by type: Operas, Concertos, Symphonies, etc. Mouthwatering.

I am in a mood to enjoy a piano concerto, so I tap on through to the concertos and get a list of his concerto compositions, with a very inviting “Play now” button at the top of the page. What could be better?

Tapping the Play now button, however: :disappointed:. I get the “unexpected error, restricting roon radio to library” message and some random track, not a concerto, starts playing. I have tried this with other composers, other forms, etc but no joy. I have Tidal and other music, like Jazz, Rock, etc plays perfectly fine through Roon/Tidal. It’s just the classical bit that doesn’t seem to work.

Very disappointing, wonder whether others are facing this issue as well.

Moved your post to support…

FWIW it’s working fine here (local library only)

Thanks, maybe the issue is with Tidal integration, although playing a Tidal album directly works just fine.

Interesting - for Bach it works on my setup (local and Tidal); for Mozart concertos really not…

Nope, Bach doesn’t work for me.

And notice how it started playing The Modern Jazz Quartet after giving the error. Decidedly not Bach.

I guess I will stick with using Idagio for now, at least until Roon fix this. The issue is that while Idagio has FLAC music (and I do subscribe to the Premium tier), there’s no reliable way to get FLAC audio across to my Naim Uniti Nova. Chromecast is a nightmare, more an exercise in frustration really. Airplay works reliably and that’s what I use with Idagio, but it’s not the same sound quality.

I checked again, this time for Bach Suites - works in my setup.
It means the problem is probably local …

Thanks, you are probably right. I run the roon core on a Synology so maybe that codebase has a bug? What do you use for your core?

Working here:

My setup:
Core om MacBook Pro (Clean OS, dedicated ONLY for Roon)
Roon Controll - also MacBook Pro.

I tried again (This time Sonatas) - and again, I can’t get it to stop working properly.
Maybe I am extremely lucky… :slightly_smiling_face:

I can confirm this bug occuring also on a roon rock

My setup
roon Rock (Rock OS) running on a Lenovov M90n (i3-8145)
client iMac running macOS roon client
Tidal subscription

That’s nice, enjoy. I’m sure it must be nice to have it working properly. :nauseated_face:

I have tried rebooting the NAS, restarting Roon Core, signing out of Tidal, etc. Can’t get it to work.

I am beginning to think this is specific to the Roon Core build on different OS’s. We have someone else who’s facing the same issue on a ROCK.

Thanks, I think this is specific to the build on different OS. Roon should be able to fix this soon, hopefully.

Hi @Sanjeev_Mulay

Pressing Play Now on the Composer page should kick of playback of performances from this composer, which utilizes Valence similar to Roon Radio. There was a problem with this but things should be up and running properly now.

Hi Dylan, thanks - it’s working now. Much appreciated.

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