Roon 1.8: Crashes on iPad when tapping on certain menu items

iPad Pro 11", iOS 14.4

Roon immediately crashes, when tapping on “Settings” or “My History” in menu. No such issue on iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 14.4. macOS also seems to be fine here.

I have the same issue on both of my iPads, but it does not appear on my iPhone and Mac. They are error free. The app is shutting down when tapping settings menu or when tapping manage profile

You could switch language for the time being in my case “UK English” and the problem is solved. The issue is addressed.

Thanks Patrick!

I have the same issue. But now its not possible the run the app. It crashes instandly without any interaction.

I have to admit the iPad Pro app is sh*tty at the moment. Button when playing radio is not changing status when stop or start and the app is slow when playing the radio.

When playing a track it sometimes is still showing the old album art, the last one from the queue. It is even wors the buttons are not working anymore.

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Update is out. The bugs mentioned above seem to be fixed.

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Hi everyone!

We’ve recently released an update that we believe will help here.
Please give this update a try and let us know if things are back to normal!

Thanks for your patience as we’ve worked to get this fixed.

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