Roon 1.8 is gorgeous! Thank you!

I just wanted to give you guys a shout out for an absolutely gorgeous release. The experience is airy, modern, and a real pleasure. I feel your hearts, souls, and carpal tunnel with each new release, and 1.8 will definitely go down as one of my faves to dates. Thank you for all that you do to bring our collections to life, both sonically and visually.

And…here’s to many positive reviews from the roon community! You can do it people! Haha.

With love,



Damn straight, great job guys!


Yep. The new interface is absolutely amazing. Absolutely love it.


Very nice update… :+1:


Definitely beautiful – love the use of space!

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Gorgeous? You really think so? Have you tried editing in the new version?

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I’m sure there’s another thread for complaints. Let’s not drag this one down.


Yes thank you. Upgrade went well and is working perfectly for me so far. I’m sure there will be a lot of posts complaining about issues… but just want to chime in that the upgrade went well for me and all my endpoints.

The new UI is wonderful. Honestly I’m blown away. I don’t know if its a different thread, but the amount of work that’s gone into the classical music experience is really appreciated. Amazing.

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New Android interface is great for ageing eyes. So much bigger and clearer than 1.7


Spot on Jonathan
I wholeheartedly agree

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Pretty good! Worked like a charm for me. Keep up the good work

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Yes, thank you. Looks beautiful

This has been a great update visually, something I had asked for for a long time. Awesome job! Thank you Roon team!

Agree, new interface is a big improvement, installation went very smoothly, no issue at all on a Nucleus + IPad. Easy to navigate through my Qobuz library.

Yes, I like the new interface and features and on the iPad portrait mode is just great.
Thank you.

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I came here to post the same. The new Roon is a triumph.

Yes, there will be lots of people reporting little bugs or disappointments. But the interface is amazing. Especially for classical music listeners, who are rarely considered by those developing apps or metadata models.

Well done Roon! And thank you!

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This is a great update. Many thanks for all the hard work!

Well done!

Are you sure you’ve even used it yet? Gorgeous? ROFLMAO !!!

Seconded and thirded!! Fast, really fast, much faster than 1.7 (I always thought it was my wifi!) slick and beautiful, hugely informative, incredible curation and music discovery! Roon was always the audiophile’s and music geek’s software, something for those with a penchant for pedantic cataloguing and thousands of files to manage - but this release will push the company and its software right out into the main stream. I can’t imagine a more complete and fascinating reference library of musical information, especially now it roams out into the millions of tracks available on Qobuz and Tidal - oh, and by the way it plays your music as well, via an audited streaming path, with sophisticated DSP for room/system correction! :sunglasses:

The streaming services were catching up just a little bit (well Qobuz has been) on metadata inclusion and music discovery, but Roon 1.8 has blown all that out of the water. Well pleased and now I shall be gone for days, just basking in all that metadata and listening to album after album and artist after artist I had never heard of before

PS. Until I notice something I loved in 1.7 is missing of course, or something breaks, or something could be done better according to Timothy… but I promise to just chill on those little inevitable hiccups and pop my thoughts in a nice little appreciative suggestion missive to Roon - and just go back to the music! :blush: