Roon 1.8 keeps losing track of endpoints

I updated to Roon 1.8, and updated my various control devices (iPad & iPhone) as well as updated Ropieee, last week. As much as I’m enjoying aspects of this new version of Roon, I’m annoyed that it keeps losing track of some of my endpoints. Quite frequently, when I want to start a listening session by launching the Roon Remote app on my iPad, Roon doesn’t recognize the existence of a number of active endpoints although it does recognize others. Roon doesn’t even recognize the iPad as an active endpoint. The only way I’ve been able to get things working properly again is to reboot my Core (ROCK running on a NUC10). Any thoughts, help or suggestions out there?


On day one of Roon 1.8, I was not seeing my Oppo 203 connected by ethernet (HDMI was there) or my RPi4 connected by ethernet. I could restart my Nucleus and they would appear, but if I turned them off, they would not reappear. So, I finally rebooted my router also. I have not had a problem since and it’s been over a week for me.

That was my one and only issue with Roon 1.8.

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Thanks, Jim. I’ll give that a try.