Roon 1.8: “New releases for fans of Ludwig v Beethoven”. Really?

This heading reads weirdly for classic music. Or is it just me? :

Perhaps “New releases for those who enjoy works composed by Ludwig v Beethoven”

Don’t think most classical music listeners would think of themselves of a “fan” of a composer.

Depending on the workings of Valence it could be replacing “works” by symphony, concerto according to the form.

And in other contexts “composer” could be “soloist”, “flautist” or whatever.


Who cares what phrase they use. Most reasonable people would understand what it means. The key issues are the functionality and competence, hopefully we’ll be able to keep focus on those.


Of course! And in general - who cares what 1.8 will be - after all, reasonable people can use other music playback systems.
Steve_Davies exactly knows what the point is, unlike certain Roon community members…

The just dont get it over at Roon! Even if they repeat it a hundred times that they understand classical music. They don’t.

They treat listeners of Beethoven just like “fans” of Lady Gaga.

@Enno, any comment?


I raise it because it is a cosmetic thing that would take 5 minutes for a simple fix.

If (genre === ‘classical’) …

And the phrasing does seem to indicate - “classical still a bit of an afterthought”. Hopefully that impression is wrong.

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My point is that if, after all this time waiting for massive incompetencies in the areas of say compositions, boxed sets, 17C composers who perform etc., to be fixed, people pick on trivial features of the UI then people like me, who do genuinely do like listening to classical music rather than pedantic nitpicking over an irrelevant choice of words, are less likely to have our needs listened to. I don’t really mind myself being thought of as a fan of L v Beethoven, I’d just like to see examples of Beethoven Piano Concerto 3 Brendel when I type that in. And, if you want seriously to continue with nitpicking pedantries, why should classical music listeners be the only ones to get a synonym for “fan” that doesn’t offend them? Why shouldn’t country music, jazz, hip hop listeners indeed all genres and all users in all languages have a phrase that suits their sensibilities. And be able to vary it by composer(s) of course. There, see how a “five minute” fix can turn into a man-year of fruitless work in the wonderful world of software. If I was a Roon developer and saw a post with this title, I would definitely be less inclined to listen to people who claim to like classical music.


“New releases for listeners of…” fixed! And it didn’t need any code.

I don’t think that’s it, they just use the same language regardless: teens or old men.


Couldn’t agree more.

This lack of care with language creeps into the functionality as well. Roon doesn’t make very sensible distinctions between, libretto, lyric, poetry and text either. This makes for a very cluttered and duplicate ridden treatment of vocal music views. It also leads on occasion to misidentification of compositions and the knock on effects of that.


I was a fan of Ludwig van Beethoven before he was famous.


Perhaps I am too forgiving, but though I can acknowledge the strange dissonance, it didn’t matter to me. And still doesn’t. I am such a huge Mahler fan, I went to like every concert and got the t-shirt.


They need not only coders but maybe also a freelance musicologist to „explain“ to them the correct wording to use in classical music. (well, they probably just need to listen to a few people here…).

That would put them a tiny bit closer to their claim to „understand“ it.

I’m a fan of Beethoven and an even bigger fan of Mahler…


I got signed caps from both of them :+1::partying_face:


Shostakovich signed my underpants.

(Ok, now I’m just being silly. Sorry. But it’s early here)


I want it to say “cats who dig” if it’s Jazz from the 50s and 60s.

I want it to say “people who trip out to” for dance music.

I want it to say “refined aesthetes who appreciate” if it’s choral music before Monteverdi.

I want it to say “people who just luurrrrrv” if it’s Kylie Minogue.

I want it to say “one of those who are somewhat keen on” for any genres for which I have fewer than five library entries

And so. Ad infinitum.


Absolutely. And anything less would be discriminatory, ageist, and a sign that Roon devs don’t understand the first thing about music (which I, on the other hand, do), Sir !


The BBC Music Magazine has a list of fans of Beethoven -


And the Telegraph thinks that Beyonce fans aren’t quite as smart as Beethoven fans.


Ok, I’m sold. If the telegraph says so.

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