Roon 1.8. No USB connection From MacBook Pro to Naim DAC v1

Nucleus running 1.8 (build 756)

EE Smarthub > cat 6 > Cisco switch > cat 6 > Nucleus

EE Smarthub > cat 5 > BT Whole home hub > mesh wifi > MacBook Pro (2019, 2.3GHz, i9 16GB, Big Sur 11.2.1) > USB > Naim DAC v1 (Firmware V1.16)

Hello Support crew. Enjoying your work as ever.

Upgraded to 1.8. No longer able to connect to my Naim DAC v1 via USB cable. ‘Naim DAC V1, office’ is correctly showing in audio settings. Naim DAC-V1/Type USB, is correctly showing in Mac sound output settings.

I’m unable to select Naim DAC v1 as an audio zone. Unable to transfer the stream to it from a different zone. Naim Dac v1 is not showing in the list of zones to select from. Occasionally, unamed zone shows but that’s disappeared again.

How do I get my Naim dac v1 to play from my Mac book via USB please? All was okay in 1.7.



Hello @Paul_Greenacre ,

Apologies for the trouble! We’re working on a solution to this and will keep everyone updated here:

‘[no] specific timelines, but we hope that this will be resolved soon!’

Thanks Noris - I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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