Roon 1.8 on Mac OS issues

Mac Mini (M1) with Big Sur (Mac OS 11.2).


Wired Ethernet


Roon endpoint is Lumix X1


Description Of Issue

In “Settings/Setup/Configure Roon OS Core” unable to open the “Configure” tab. Roon is running fine and can see the Roon Core on the Mac Mini without any issues but when I try to access the Configure tab it just flips to a page titled Configure Roon OS Core with the active Roon logo with the text message “Searching for Roon OS Core…” It doesn’t find the core, doesn’t time out, just stays in that mode for as long as the page is left open. For the record, to ensure it wasn’t a Mac Mini issue I removed the Roon core and instead installed it on my IMac. Set everything up again connected with the Lumin X1 endpoint over the network and streamed successfully from Tidal and Qobuz. But the same issue arose on the iMac in not been able to configure Roon OS core through the Settings/Setup/Configure Roon OS core menu. I switched everything back to the original setup with Roon Core on the Mac mini. Can stream without any problem but still can’t access the Configure Roon OS core option.

That button is only to configure devices that run Roon OS (ie. ROCK and Nucleus).

Sounds to me that you’re running the core on your mac. So, when you click on the configure button, it will not find anything on your network.

Thanks Nepherte. You might well be correct and I did consider this as well but the term Roon core is widely used to refer to what ever platform you happen to have Roon installed on. Also if not in the “Configure” section where do you access Roon settings for MQA for instance? If I want to change whether Roon is MQA Decoder and Renderer or Renderer only where is that configured? Am I looking in the wrong place?

That would be under audio. You can configure this for each audio output device

I’m aware of that option but that only allows configuration of the Roon endpoint. Unless I’m mistaken there were a whole host of Roon setup options in 1.7 including whether you wanted Roon to do the complete unfold or only partial.

You will find those options under the settings of the individual endpoints under the audio menu. I believe they are hidden under “advanced configuration” or something. Don’t have access to Roon right now, otherwise I’d show you a screenshot :slight_smile:

If you haven’t found it, they are under Settings > Audio > Device Setup:

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