Roon 1.8 on QNAP TVS-882-i5-16G impossible after using all hints

After updating roon on my TVS-882-i5-16G NAS I am unable to reach roon!
I managed:
Updating the roon remote on my Ipad (the symbol turns white)
typing the I P Adress to reach my NAS and so roon
I updatet to the last firmware of Qnap
I updatet the roon server in Qnap (after that it is showing roon 1.8)
I changed the language to englisch
I inspectet in my rooter that the IPadress is in and ok.
I can reach my NAS without any problems

Nothing helps. . As an old man and unfit in computer I hope someone will have another idear to fix the problem.At least I hope that Roon will give a rollback.

Many thanks for your possible help.

Thanks, the problem is gone. I had 1 more roon rermode on another cellphone, which I now updated.!!

The Problem starts again , After rebooting Roon from the new App (white colored) next day. To start roon again from the old remote app is not possible, because the App was updated by itself. Where can I get a stabile old black App?

Hi @Winfried_Berlenbach

Apologies for the trouble! I’m sorry to hear the issue came back.

Can you share a screenshot of what you see in Roon when you try to connect?

Is this happening for all remote devices?

Hallo Dylan, thanks for your answer!
I will get this screen on all roon remote possibilities, when I tried to start Roon. In the meanwhile i got for lent a mini computer wih a roon rock kit from a friend. With ths computer was no problem to start roon immediatly. So I think, there is no problem with my network to run Roon.

Good morning Dylan, I found on my cellphone (Android) a update for the roon remote (black color again. I had hope, that it will work on my NAS. But it did not. The difference by this update was, that before I was told in the update process, that also there is an update for my Roon in the NAS and this process was starting with the remote update

Hi Dylan, it is now moire than 2 weeks, that your company kicks me out by the new update. In the pandemic for me and my wife it is a necessary point to hear music, what since this time ik not possible for us. You did not answer since more than a week and we are hanging to wait. I want to speerk with your general manager what the roon company wants to do to with there klients they bharm that way.
Greetings Winfried

Hi Dylan, today I got a new firmware for my NAS from QNAP and also a new Roon server.from them. But I am not able to start Roon.
Greetings Winfried

Can you please post a screenshot from the Roon Server app on the QNAP NAS? Example picture:

Hi Black Jack, thanks for your answer. Thi iss the screen shot of my NAS. I have not much experience with the QBAOP system.


Sorry, this is the screen shot , after tryiing tto open Roon.

As you can see, The Roon Server software is not running (Status: Angehalten). Please try and reboot your NAS. Does the Roon Server software run after the reboot?

I did it several times, but it is not working at alll-
Thanks Winfried

Maybe there is a problem with your database location.


Maybe @crieke can help?

Hallo Black Jack, your tip to conntact Crieke was a 100 % goal. He is a super competent and very friendly guy, who spend hours to fix my, through the update totaly destroyed QNAP server sytem. So now everythingh is OK. Many thanks to you!! :grinning:

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