Roon 1.8: Track Name not showing in Now Playing view - Android 11

On Android 11 phone, Live Radio track shows below station name at the bottom of the screen (now playing bar) when on any main browsing screen (Home, Live Radio, Genres, Albums, etc), but the track name does not show when in the Now Playing screen (i.e., when you click on the track/radio info at the bottom of the screen to bring up Now Playing or Queue view). Anyone else notice this? I tried with a number of different radio stations and in all cases the track info is there on a browse view but disappears when in Now Playing view.

This doesn’t seem to be a problem with iPad or Win10 player.

Same with iOS mobile. Sometimes metadata are displayed on Now Playing screen, sometimes not. I could’t find a pattern. The same station can work or not work depending on the track.
Tested on FIP and France Musique channels like La Baroque.
Metadata always show up normally at the bottom left when not on Now Playing.
And no pb on tablet or desktop.
Also the white rectangle around station logo is not nice, should be square and rounded to respect the convention for Live Radio.

Additional issue: diacritics are not shown in Now Playing screen on mobile. Footer is OK. No pb on iPad or desktop.

Opening this up again; still an issue with Android 11. Any updates?

Hello @Dino_Gliosca , this has been acknowledged here but no solution yet.

Thanks Brian. I had missed that other thread.

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