Roon 1.8 will be Live on ….?

Roon 1.1 is Live! on 8/15
Roon 1.2 is Live! on 4/16 - 8 months later
Roon 1.3 is Live! on 1/17 - 9 months later
Roon 1.4 is Live! on 12/17 - 11 months later
Roon 1.5 is Live! on 5/18 - 5 months later
Roon 1.6 is Live! on 1/19 - 8 months later
Roon 1.7 is Live! on 11/19 - 8 months later

It’s 8/20 - 9 months later
Roon 1.8 is Live! on …. ?

No pressure Roon Team, just trying to build the hype. :slight_smile:
When do the rest of you guys think they’ll release it?


Well, I think they should and they will release whenever they feel they’re ready. I’d very much prefer to wait more to have as solid and bug-free a release as possible. There’s no hurry at all.


Likewise, I want a solid release. A buggy release is worse than no release. Still getting excited for what might come.


You never know, it might be Roon 2 next :wink:


almost fall of my seat with that thread tittle!

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Debian’s release policy is both honest and the best. "Debian <codename> will be released when it’s ready”.


Didn’t realize that much time has gone by since the last upgrade. And since roon employees always worked remotely, COVID-19 should not of had any impact on their upgrade timeline.

I suppose this year we might get the complete overhaul to the interface. I know they’re working on a new discover page. In the past I would have hoped for a mobile solution but since will be working from home for a long while, I personally don’t care. Would rather have other upgrades first. Maybe surprise us with Amazon integration.

I think the biggest release was 1.3
After that it was less surprising

interesting info, where you got that info?

In truth they may have diverged from this now. Am a long term user and this was traditionally their only official policy. This suggests that it’s in recent use.

Probably alone here, but wouldn’t mind a new logo and Windows icon when 2.0 drops.

Considering how cutting edge Roon is, the logo and icon don’t do it justice.


Don’t underestimate the impact COVID has had on those with families. Childcare / School closures, etc.

You have to expect some impact to productivity from that, then factor in the psychological impact of a pandemic and grocery shortages.


@ Michael_Jones1Good question, and with what changes? I don’t find any info on that anywhere.

I hope they never upgrade. Roon works perfectly as is.


No it doesn’t. It has a lot of annoying bugs that need fixing.


That depends on your use case. No bugs for me and lots of others. Lots of bugs for some people, I guess


It has been so long

I’ve got to admit I am quite happy with the current release. Only thing I want really is an update to android.


hope to see it in January!

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Well in the last maintenance release they said 1.8 is in beta right now and at least being held until after the holidays to avoid any issues with upset customers or shorthanded staff. So January is probably a good guess unless someone finds big issue in beta.

My question is can anyone sign up for their beta program? Not sure I wouldn’t since might mean buggy software instead of having some patience.