Roon 101 - Roon for Dummies

I’m looking for a basic guide to setting up Roon, a ‘Roon 101’.

I’ve had it installed now for 3 days, and it’s still not working as it should. The issues I’m having are mainly around how to set up zones, zone names, output devices etc. My setup comprises a core, plus two remotes. All 3 devices are Windows 8 Intel Core i5 computers (one desktop PC, and two Dell tablets with docking stations), connected via Ethernet and a router to a NAS storage device. I can get that lot working using JRiver and it plays very satisfactorily, then I try Roon …

For example, if I set up a zone and give it a zone name, why doesn’t that zone name appear on other devices so that I can select it and output to it? Do I have to type in the same zone name at the other device, and hope that some sort of name recognition takes place? In my main listening room (‘Lounge’) I use a Devialet, but if I enter ‘Lounge’ on another device, then the DAC associated with that device appears and the Devialet doesn’t. So what does the name ‘Lounge’ mean if I use it as a zone name? I’ve been backwards and forwards on this issue several times, and cannot reliably choose to play music in the zone I am in - matching zone names and devices seems to be tied to phases of the moon. Also, in the course of trying to get things working, I have created three zones in my Lounge, two called ‘Lounge’, and one called ‘Lounge tablet’ - how do I delete a zone? (Or more correctly, how do I ensure that I have a single zone in Roon, uniquely associated to a single room in my house?)

Then I try to use my Samsung Tablet as a remote. Roon is installed on it okay, and I can see my library, but connecting it to act as a remote for the zone I want to control, hasn’t yet happened. The same mish mash of zone names and devices that I described above happens on my tablet.

I’m also not sure how I managed to create Private zones. I get the concept, and its very useful, but in my dabblings with Roon, sometimes they appear, and then they’re gone. A great idea, but I’d like to choose them, not stumble upon them.

I have another issue as well: I get drop outs with DSF files when played through my remotes (when I’ve managed to get my remotes working), that’s for another day though. I’d really like to get the basics of Roon up and running first.

I accept there’s a competence issue here. I’m not incompetent (I get JRiver working perfectly well, after all) but Roon is either far too intuitive for me and I’m blind to how it works, or else I haven’t come upon the right setup instructions.

It’s a great piece of software (The integration with Tidal is superb!) and I really want to get it working, but after three evenings of trying, I’m calling for …




I think you may be interested in this post.

It explains how Private Zones work, and how you will be able to create permanent, publicly controllable zones around your home using RoonSpeakers in a future release of the software, but that that functionality isn’t completely finished yet.

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What is roonspeakers?

Hi have a read of the Roon Speakers - What , When, How and for Whom? topic, it’s a bit sprawling but should answer your questions.