Roon 1169 and my KEF LS60's


I just updated my Roon to build # 1169 and noticed my previously setup LS60’s were no longer in the Audio playback area. I then had to reenable them in Roon, using Chromecast and AirPlay as the only available options. I dont believe they were setup like this before and I don’t think they will now be playing in full, proper resolution…?.. I just restarted Roon and they are still only appearing as Chromecast and AirPlay enabled right now. The speakers are hardwired via ethernet from my PC / Roon player and in between each speaker as well and had been setup and functioning perfectly previous to build 1169…


Have you restarted the LS60s also? I assume they have the Roon Ready firmware update?

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Good point! I’ve now powered them on and off, checked the KEF firmware (1.3 shows up to date). The KEF app on Google did need an update, which I’ve now done, but they are still not showing up in ROON…

Installed 1169 and the LS60s are still fine.

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I may be experiencing a blip that can be fixed with a few restarts or something (possibly on my PC / server)…I’ll try that next…

Yes, restarted my PC / Roon core, updated all other software and all is good again.

Thanks guys!

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