Roon 2.0.7 New Content Sources (aka Wikipedia integration)

First of all, I love the new metadata sources in roon 2.0.7. I often finding myself going to Wikipedia anyway to dive deeper on album histories so it’s awesome to have it integrated to Roon. And after enabling Wikipedia in Portuguese and Spanish, I’m finding album information for many albums that used to turn up empty due to not having an Allmusic review.

I do want to flag that it seems like the scraper probably needs a bit of fine-tuning. I’ve found a few albums where the Wikipedia article exists but is not being pulled in. For example:

Should be pulling in this English Wikipedia article: As Canções de Eu Tu Eles - Wikipedia

Here’s another album that has a Portuguese Wikipedia article that is not getting pulled in.

But overall I’m getting many more hits than misses, what a great improvement to the Roon experience.


And here’s an artist whose Portuguese Wikipedia bio is not appearing:

I’ve done the upgrade and the first four editorial sources are turned on in Settings. However, I’m getting no artist bio or album information at all. I think previously data from AllmUsic was used but now other sources are being accessed. Unfortunately, none seem to be working for me.

Same here, including disappearance of album reviews

Are you sure you have updated both core and remotes/ARC? I had the same issue on earlyaccess, and it was that some of my remotes were updated and others were not. Good luck!


I am getting the info when using Roon Remote in Windows - albeit after a few seconds delay which I wasn’t before - but not with Roon Remote on my iPad. That version of Roon Remote has not updated to build 1182 (it’s still on 1187) so maybe I need to wait for that to happen. There are sometimes delays with Roon Remote for the iPad.

Also, if you are not up to latest release on iOS, and the App Store isn’t showing that there is a new release to update to in the list of apps to update, you can always go into the App Store, search for Roon, click into it, and then you’ll see the updates button.

Roon obviously can’t control that part - I think that’s Apple forcing a slow release.

Many of us don’t maintain any other client/servers where we run the server within our home network. So this kind of “gotta do both at once” dance feels weird.


Same here with Danilo Brito on earlyaccess, all updated of course (that’s B1180 for EA, on macOS. It’s unknown if the higher production build has additional fixes). For some reason I only get a Discography tab and no Overview tab at all, with 3 main albums and 1 appearance in the Discography, although Qobuz & Tidal has two more in the apps.

Wiki integration looks great but I am getting inconsistent results with compositions. Sometimes there is a Wiki synopsis (in roon) and sometimes there is not.

This is not meant to be systematic in any way. It is just a few random examples where there is a synopsis in Wiki but there is or is not a corresponding one in roon:

Brahms, Symphony No. 1: roon Wiki
Mozart, Symphony No. 40: roon Wiki
Mozart, Clarinet Concerto, K622: no roon Wiki
Bach, BWV 689, no roon Wiki
Steve Reich, Six Pianos: no roon Wiki

Is there any reason why roon is not picking up composition synopsis that do exist on Wiki? Is this an identification issue? Is it possible to publicly add identifiers to the Wiki entries so that roon will pick the compositions up?

Updated iOS (it usually prompts me) and was able to update Roon Remote. Bio and info now displaying, but as with Windows Remote, there’s a lag of several seconds before the information displays, which I wasn’t getting before.

I’m still waiting for my core update. APPS on android and iOS updated fine… Qnap TVS 471. Any thoughts?

Ok, rebooting the core has found the update…

I had thought a lot of these artist and album descriptions were from AllMusic. The text seems to not have changed but now it references TiVo instead. Do they own AllMusic or something?

Many years ago, Rovi acquired AllMusic, then TiVo acquired Rovi, then Xperi acquired Tivo. I hope I didn’t get that wrong. This is how they require us to describe the content.


That’s right. The confusion is that, at some point in that chain of acquisitions, was hived out from that organization and is now either independent or owned by someone else. is primarily powered by some of the same TiVo metadata that we use, but whereas they use only the US portion of TiVo metadata, we use TiVo’s UK and EU metadata as well.


LOVE THIS!!! holy smokes, now you can learn so much more right in Roon.
I am also not seeing the wiki info for some artists even though it’s in WiKi, but I’m sure things will get better.

I also wanted to point out, in case people haven’t noticed, you can change the “About this album” source. …man, i love this!


Great new feature, goes very well with Dutch Wikipedia :smiley:


I’ve also lost all editorial content on my iPad.
Do have it on a Windows PC running Roon.

edit: had to force an update in the App Store. Then the editorial content started to appear.
Great feature, by the way. I was often going to the Wikipedia pages for albums anyway to see what was written there.

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Hello, I upgraded to the latest version, toggled in the extra editorial sources in Settings, but I cannot see any. All info previously from AllMusic is also gone…

After my remotes had the latest versions, it took a few minutes, but then the editorial content appeared.
Make sure you have the updates and then try again.

The wiki integration is excellent. I used to reference Wikipedia myself when Roon was lacking, and the one or two seconds wait while it connects via Roon, is a minor quibble, compared with what I used to do before.

I was hoping that this Roon update would fix the Android USB DAC issue - which it did (for me at least). The Wikipedia integration is a bonus.