Roon 2.0 build 1148 - issues. Can’t open Core

Hi @Frank_Rahde
Thanks for you emphaty :slight_smile:
I have sent all the logs requested.

My issues actually doesn’t relate to Roon 2.0 since this was running very stabile.
It is only related to latest update build 1148

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No further diagnostics oppotunities?
Br. Peter

Hey @Peter_Hvidegaard,

I am now seeing two core devices in your network, Peter-Hvidegaards-iMac and Mac-mini. Your iMac seems to be running Roon 1.8, while your Mac mini is running Roon server on 2.0. Is this correct? Unfortunately, the logs you sent over didn’t indicate any hints about your issue.

If you haven’t yet, I would completely uninstall and remove all Roon components on the iMac core giving you issues. This will start you out on square one (if you don’t have any available backups to restore, which sounds like the case.) This includes removing the app as well as any Roon folders on the device. Beyond dragging and deleting the Roon or Roon Server application to the trash, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Finder and click Go in the top bar
  2. Hold down the Alt key to unhide the Library folder
  3. Click the Library folder
  4. Find and delete (or rename) the Roon folder

Depending on how you configured Roon, there might also be a /Users/USERNAME/Music/Roon folder.

If you delete those folders you should be all set! From here, please try re-downloading Roon.

Hey @benjamin
The iMac running 1.8 is as Old machine that have had a Remote installed. I see now that it can’t be upgraded due to Old osx version. This is now completely deleted.

As suggested I completely uninstalled roon and downloaded the new version.
BUT with the same result.
After having entered my log-in information roon shuts down. :disappointed_relieved:
Br. Peter

Hey @Peter_Hvidegaard,

Just to triple confirm, did you download the proper All-In-One file from this page?

Hi @benjamin
I downloaded from the regular download link for Mac on the download page on the website. (
It wasn’t the exact page you linked but I assume the download links the same file
Br. Peter

Hey @Peter_Hvidegaard,

The page I shared is where you’ll need the proper 1.8 file. Please remove Roon and give that download a try :+1:

Hey @benjamin
Ok I didn’t get that. Are you suggesting to download and install 1.8???

I had been running 2.0 without any problems until installing build 1148
Br. Peter

Hey @Peter_Hvidegaard,

My apologies there! From the other reports we’ve been collecting, it seems users have success temporarily running 1.8, however, those reports did not see any success in 2.0 at all.

Go ahead and download 2.0 from the link above and let me know if you manage to get past the login screen. If you can, check to see if you have any DSP running, and if so, temporarily disable it. Let me know if you still experience crashing after that :+1:

Do you get a Mac crash report? If so, would you be able to upload it here? Thanks!

Hey @benjamin
Tried yet another download from the link you gave and reinstalled it.
I assume it must actually have been the new build just released.

However, no different result. Actually it crashed before I even got to the login. So no further progress.
I succeced in finding the Mac crash report and will upload it through the link you gave.
More and more it seems as if I have to buy new hardware for the core or stop using my Roon
Best regards,

Hey @Peter_Hvidegaard,

Thanks for sending that over. We’re seeing some issues based around Linn OpenHome, and I’m wondering if you have this running in the background when trying to open Roon?

We’re not able to pinpoint exactly what might be going on, but I’d be curious to see if you may be able to temporarily disable it and test if Roon would continue to crash.

Let me know :+1:

hey @benjamin
Strange. I am not aware of having or even have had anything Linn running.
Following that, I wouldn’t know where to disable it.
I basically have nothing needed to run since this Mac mini is solely used for running the Roon Core
Br. Peter

Hey @Peter_Hvidegaard,

Odd indeed, unfortunately I don’t have any additional information around errors regarding Linn OpenHome.

Can you please take a look at your Audio Midi settings on your Mac and share a screenshot? Beyond that, we’ve seen users find success with reinstalling the OS on their Mac, but that can be a bit of a process, and not something completely necessary just yet.

Hey @benjamin
Not knowing exactly what part of the Audio Midi settings you want to see, I have taken a snapshot of one part of it. I have scrolled through all of it and it all looks very standard to see. Unfortunately it is all in danish :slight_smile: Hope it makes sense anyway
Skærmbillede 2022-12-20 kl. 22.36.49
Best regards, Peter

Trying again. Something went wrong with the screenshot :slight_smile:
Audio Midi

Hey @Peter_Hvidegaard,

Thanks for sharing that info. It doesn’t look like you have any additional virtual audio devices at play.

At this time, our team is still investigating potential issues around Mac based crashes, but we don’t have any immediate next steps. We have seen a handful of users find success in doing a fresh re-install of the Mac OS on the system itself.

Well, just an update having lost my patience with no solution to everything tried.
I reinstalled the core on a brand new iMac and made it running.

By the way, I haven’t had the time to wire the iMac so the core is running completely wireless without any wired contact to the network and hence also the music library and I haven’t experienced any problems/delays/disconnects or similar. Just to let you know since since has been discussed a lot.
Br. Peter

It’s not that wifi can’t work. It can if the wifi is well, but wifi is prone to apparently random outside interference (think neighbor buys a new microwave) and it’s difficult to pinpoint the problem if one happens. In addition, wifi can only either send or receive at any one time, so other consumers (like family members watching Netflix or playing to several Roon zones simultaneously) can more easily lead to issues with Roon, which depends on timely data delivery with only small buffers.

So it’s always a good idea to rule out wifi as the cause with a temporary cable if there are intermittent connection/dropout issues. If wifi works for you, all the better

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