Roon 2.0: From Rumors To Reality

Being in my 20s I’d consider myself a younger user when talking about Roon and the idea of using a single solution, wether it be at home or on the go, very much appeals to me. I don’t use Plex at all and can only reiterate the importance of the use cases mentioned by @Suedkiez

I’d wager people using Roon aren’t generally those that prefer a solution simply due to being cheaper or free to other alternatives, but more so because it’s the best at what it aims to do.


Nevertheless, I don’t see this as being a massive ‘sell’ to younger audiences, sorry. I am willing to bet you live in the bottom 10% of roons user base from an age demographic, can you see that increasing because of moblie use when there is literally a million other options out there most of which are free?

I get that we are all excited but it needs to be kept in context a bit.

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I tend to agree that it won’t attract more younger users, but I guess neither would an improved Roon Radio? (again, all just assumptions)

What it would do in my opinion is send the signal that Roon is listening. Wether or not people would end up using it as much as it’s being requested is a different topic, but voting on ideas is probably the easiest way of gauging what the main interest of the existing (paying) user base is. I think it’s not only important to grow, but also to not alienate your existing user base, and Roon needs to thread the needle here which means they can’t always please everyone.

While I don’t use Roon Radio all that much, I’d agree theres room for improvement and I’d like to see that happen at some point (sooner rather than later) as well.


I get that, I just don’t have many hopes that AI will ever be what I consider a good human radio DJ or magazine writer. If Pink Floyd listeners predominantly listen to Genesis and ELP as well, that’s what you will get - and let’s face it, the Pink Floyd listeners are not the most progressive ones.

While a good human DJ would follow up a punk song about beer with, I don’t know, a folk song about tea, maybe. Or would throw a track from Dub Side of the Moon by Easy Star All Stars into a prog rock playlist

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I guess you will have wait for roon 3.0, then :wink:

Was just listening to Dark Side of the Moon now and notice that Roon also links to a band called “Stink Floyd”. Learn something new every day…


Will that finally bring an augmented reality ‘folder view’ to Roon :smile:


Stink Floyd - Breathe (in the Air)

It better be clean open air, otherwise it gets pretty smelly :sweat_smile:

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You skipped 80s prog, seek out Marillion and IQ.

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Hm…Dropbox?? Free account have 2gb, Dropbox family 2TB about $17 per month. Just matter of Roon mobile.

In the past my friends were never interested in roon because you couldn’t use it out of the house and it had no monthly price, which has been resolved. But this was a few years ago where they didn’t want to join streaming services, had massive cd collection, and went into work.

I was big on wanting roon on the go but since COVID, permanently work from home. Also in last few years, streaming apps are catching up or surpassing what roon can do on the phone. So even though roon mobile was high on the request list, perhaps demand is a little different within the last year or two for many.

Seems like a lot of people are assuming Roon 2.0 will bring mobile Roon. I guess we need to wait and see. If it does, that will be a huge feature for a huge number of Roonies and future Roonies.

I just hope it solves the problem of crashes on Windows.


I can’t wait for the wifi or cellular problems then….

I would assume if Roon adds a mobile feature, people won’t be forced to use it. IDK.


I will be returning to the office several days a week, starting next month. The timing is great for me and helps with my desire to have my office at work be as good as my office a home. I don’t want to have to give up a lot of the things I have gotten used to being in complete control of my surroundings during the pandemic; roon is one of those things.


Nothing in this world (roon included) can make an office office better than a home office!!!

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Family members


Well just install zerotier on your home server and your phone and you could have been using roon at the office for years.

Will be interesting to see what the future holds.

Remote integration could be very interesting for me. In the past six months I set up a KEF LS50/PS Audio Sprout system for my adult kids (whom we regularly visit) using Ropiee XL so they could stream Spotify (thanks @spockfish).

It would be great to access Roon while we are there.

Roon has constantly evolved, albeit with a few hiccups, since I first signed on in 2015. (lifer since 2019)

Kudos to the team for pushing forward. Since I joined (May miss some):

Tidal/Qobuz integration
MQA support
DSD support
Backup facilitation
IOS/Android support
Roon Ready Certification

Obviously, not all features interest all users.

All in all, a pretty good track record. I am a happy camper.


Roon Remote ? Man, I’d be happy if they just added “Albums” sort by composer, fixed type running off the screen everywhere, made “Network Share” simply be able to find drives on the network, and run on Apple M1 !