Roon 2.0: From Rumors To Reality

It’s certainly something to consider, however, it is mitigated when at home when the device running ARC is connected via WiFi to the Core then the data can be delivered directly to the device [via the LAN] avoiding mobile data limitations.

Hi @ankla,

What OS is your Roon Core machine running?

After reading that help page, I’m pretty sure the only people who will be able to use this feature are those who have already figured out how to set up a VPN and forward their Core. :slight_smile:


macOS 10.15.7 :slightly_frowning_face:

So, I am ready to move to 2.0 (Apple Silicon), but not real interested in Roon ARC right now.

I can just leave that “outside of my home” stuff alone and not use or configure it for now…correct?

Please say correct?

  1. Be assured that they do
  2. The mobile network coverage affects Roon in the same way as any other streaming service
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Correct (10). You will not need to install the Roon ARC app on your phone. You will want to install the updated Roon Remote app when you update your Roon core to Roon 2.0.

I‘m so happy living a tiny bit more south :upside_down_face:

Thank you for saying “correct”!

Is there a link or FAQ you’re aware of that elaborates? I understand they might not have given 100% of all the details just yet

Thank you

I think we’ll get all the details at 1600 GMT, one hour from now.

OK. I’m eager to put it to use, but not right now, so want to defer opting-in.



Apparently it’s live…


Refresh your ‘updates’ in the App Store, version 2.0

Roon ARC is the new feature, basically Roon over 3G

Interesting to know whether it forces a CORE upgrade, or if I can leave that on the old ROCK OS. Slightly nervous that my MOCK will stop working (and, yes, I know that MOCK’s aren’t supported) :wink:

Still, if it does, that’s an excuse to build a computer!

Just fired up Roon Remote on my PC and it detected upgrades for server and the remote. Just upgraded and I am now running Roon 2.0 Core on my Windows 11 PC!

You should be fine I run on mock no issues, windows, Mac and nucleus too

Roon ARC is a separate app on a mobile device, but I am connected to my music library over 4G and working well.

Apparently it stores your library on device too…

This is unbearable… I go out for a run! :star_struck: