Roon 2.0: From Rumors To Reality

Depends where you live. UK live 16:00 local time (I think…)

Qobuz and Tidal do not allow download to device on anything other than their own apps. That one’s out of Roon’s hands.

Yes it does…

But you can chose to stay on 1.8 for the time being…

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You can use Roon ARC to play music from Tidal and Qobuz. You can’t download the files due to licensing. You can download your own music files, however. That’s the point.


Yes, UTC is a non-imperialistic term for GMT.

Long live the British Empire. :smile:

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I would’ve thought that was obvious. And, it’s not major flaw at all. It’s a limitation from the providers (licensing), not ROON.

This !!! …

It’s not my fault UTC starts somehwere south of here!! I’m 3 degrees west give or taker a yard or two. I’m UTC plus 1hour, local summer time. So it looks like UK roon 2 was 15:00 UTC. But who cares now…

I’m now a party to(o)… all is off!

New Suede album on Spotify it is - neither are what I remember

Not for me… Android 12, Fiio Ka3.

I’m in your camp. I’m running my core on a very old Mac Mini 10.13 I bought for next to nothing. It’ll be a long time before I can upgrade to 2.0.

Isn’t GMT affected by daylight saving, while UTC is fixed?


I stated that it was not the fault of Roon. I also said that they did an awesome job.

Antipodes K50: Roon 2.0 / ARC installation no problem. Well done Roon!

You can dump that, spend £50 on a Windows machine with a 6th gen i5 6500, and run it headless as a ROCK. Don’t limit yourself because you want to stick to old hardware.

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Am I right in saying that looking at your core, you can’t see if anyone is playing from it through ARC (and what they’re playing)? I would have thought that it would be sort of like a special Zone

Look at Roon ARC.

Works great for me. Just here for the whining.