Roon 2.0: From Rumors To Reality

How can I disable ARC?

Without end point control I’m not sure Arc is that useful? Who wants to listen through their mobile phones?


Edit: Questions are now being raised about this advice:


Apparently, you put a zero in there on the lower right corner where it says “Port”.

I think (although might be wrong) that Bill is talking about is opening new ports on the external router? Ideally, this should be avoided for maximum security.

I wonder if the traffic to my core is coming straight from my phone, or via Roon’s servers?

I think that this is a case that Roon does so many good things, the features of this update may be great for some people and of no real benefit for others like me. I have no interest in mobile Roon, I just use the Qobuz app.


Seriously? This is a huge update!!

Don’t be selfish


A whole hour until the One Show… please don’t make me watch that

I’m a little surprised that the Software Release Notes don’t include the usual list of bugs fixed in this release.

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Is it selfish to be underwhelmed? No new logo animal!

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There’s no more “Low quality” label when playing MP3s and AACs. It’s now “Lossy”, which is exactly what it is. That alone makes 2.0 worth upgrading to.


What does it sound like? I haven’t heard the first bar…

What windows machine? It’ll need to be cheap. My wife will forbid me from spending more money on hardware. My kingdom for a virtual Roon Core!

Just checked the logs. My Roon ARC is connecting directly to the ROCK core via the open port on my ISP. It’s not going through Roon’s servers (which I guess is sensible).

Should be fine (you have open ports for lots of things, not least browsing the Internet).

The Core already has lots of connectivity to Roon’s servers, so I’ve been assuming the reason to punch a hole in your firewall is to allow the phone app to connect directly instead of through a relay.

That’s what it’s for. You can delete the Roon ARC app from your phone if you don’t want to use it. I use with a DAC and headphones when walking my dog and with CarPlay when driving.

Those are outgoing, not incoming.

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Spotify sounds gooooooood!

Too much longer and I’ll be subscribing to Apple and looking up what a Deezer is…

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That’s a usb dac - very cumbersome on the go

What about portable wireless ones like chord’s offerings ?

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