Roon 2.0 Roon Radio or Playlist playback

Roon Core Machine

Description of Issue

The album dynamic range and the streaming service is no longer displayed on individual songs picked by roon radio or included in a playlist though feature is turned on in album. One has to go to album to retrieve info. Data was useful now missing.

Hi, @Darrell_Ferris, thank you for the report. Could you, please, illustrate the issue you are seeing with a screenshot?



Hi Ivan first are ipad screen shots of the way the ipad display used to look showing Qobuz by album cover and file type and fidelity in lower left hand corner in 1.8. Now in 2.0 the info is missing

I run Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter i5 hosting Roon. Latest 2.0 software for controller on ipad

Now in 2.0 fidelity and streaming info for Qobuz album is not displayed.

Thank you for the reply, could you, please, if this setting is turned on for you?



Thanks that settings menu was hidden and not obvious to find since it was not in general settings. Menu but had to be accessed from the track pull down settings wheel icon. It works after enabled. New software turned off my preferences.

I did notice I am not getting Roon radio notifications 30 seconds before start of track though it is enabled. See photo

Well the roon radio notification started working inexplicably. I have seen that happen in 1.8 before. Perhaps it is a startup issue that goes away with use.

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