Roon 2.0 Sound Quality

Any feedback on 2.0 sound quality?

I mainly use Roon for home listening. I love the convenience but would be interested if any aspect of sound quality had improved for listening at home.

There was no mention in the release notes of any changes to the underlying code for RAAT as far as sound goes.
So I think zero sound change.

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Been trying it for several weeks. No difference in SQ as always, as far as I can tell.

That never stopped anyone from hearing differences.


You mean thinking they hear a difference surely :wink:


2.0 and 1.8 are more closely related than most 1.8 builds are to each other with respect to audio stuff. I wouldn’t anticipate any differences.


Of course :blush:

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Thanks for the helpful comments. I am very happy with the Roon interface but am always looking for anything that improves SQ.

After reading other posts here about issues with upgrading I decided to wait for a bit before moving to 2.0 so I was hoping someone who had tried it might offer feedback.

I have a brand new iPhone 14 and I’m waiting for its bits to settle down before doing any serious listening on Roon 2.0. I suspect my Router may be in a state of flux from the jiggering I did to its underbelly today. But so far, I’m noticing more bass and treble as I turn up the volume.


Roon 2.0 sounds the same to me as 1.8.

Response seems faster on the iMac but I’m not certain. It has always seems responsive previously anyway.

Anyone else think Roon turned up the Funk on 2.0?
Take a listen:


from the release note All macOS users should see significant performance improvements with 2.0, and there should no longer be meaningful performance differences between macOS, Windows, and Linux. We’ve also used this opportunity to further optimize Roon’s DSP engine for macOS and Apple Silicon.

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The key word being " performance".
Not sound quality.
Although I guess you can interpret performance as you see fit but just read the post from Roon CTO a little higher up to get your answers…

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There you go…:wink:

what else can performance means for a user who does not care about software performance unless its relate to SQ

Is it that bad?

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Lower electricity bill?

I did not say that. It is already very good. I bought the lifetime license a several years ago so that should answer your question. Or are you just trolling?

The latter….

She seems to always be trolling on here unfortunately.