Roon 64bits freezing on Windows 10

Hi all,

When I’m using Roon on my laptop (i7), it takes ages to display artworks at loading. Then when navigating it freezes leading to a white screen.
I have to close it and re-open it and the same behaviour persits.

Sometimes it works like a charm but it’s rare.
Is there anything I can do to help diagnosing this issue and sort it out?


Hi, @Sylvain74, thanks for the report! May I kindly ask you to specify your setup so we could understand why this issue can appear?


Hi Ivan,

Thanks for the prompt reply.
My setup is as follow:
ROCK is installed on a Nuc i5 with 16Go of memory and a 120Go SSD. It is related to the network by Ethernet (no WIFI).
Then I have Roon Remote installed on my laptop which is a i7 with 8Go of memory and around 20Go of available space on C drive.
I connect to Rock via Wifi.
Finally all my music is on a NAS (Synology) linked to the network by Ethernet as well.

Do you have enough details or do you need other info?

This sounds rather like the issue discussed here:

The consensus seems to be that OpenGL performance is being affected by something. If your laptop does indeed have Intel graphics hardware, then a possible fix is to see if you have the latest Intel Graphics driver installed. A possible workaround is to use the 32bits version of Roon on your laptop instead.

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Hi Geoff,

Thanks for the info. You’re right it seems to be the same issue as I have an Intel HD 4000 graphic card but I did not find any of the update which could cause the problem.
I will uninstall the 64 bits version and install the 32 bits to see if it sorts out.


note that I’ve had the same problem on my Windows 10 64bits Pro computer with up to date Intel HD graphic drivers.
Installing 32bits version of Roon solved the problem, effectively. :wink:

I confirm that uninstalling the 64bits version and running the 32bits seems to resolving the problem…Let’s confirm in the next few days.