Roon account doesn't work on nucleus

suddenly my Roon account doesn’t work with Nucleus, if I transfer the core to PC everything is fine, if I put another account on Nucleus everything is fine. I also tried in another house with another internet line
thank you

What do you mean it doesn’t work? What happens?

You realize that you must un-authorize your old device and re-authorize on the Nucleus, right?

I thought that Roon databases are account bound so is switching accounts possible/supported or is this (attempt to login with a different account than the one used to setup the core) the reason that it doesn’t work?

When I log my account the Roon Logo run always, it seems that dont’ find my account (only with Nucleus), if I log my friend account , it works normally
If I log my account without Nucleus all is fine


Can you please share a screenshot of your Nucleus’ Web UI?
Do you see any specific error messages appear?
Any change in behavior if you reboot the Nucleus?


System Status

Serial #54B2038BCF48

Operating System



Version 1.0 (build 227) stable

Running 1 day, 1 hour, 20 minutes, 50 seconds.

Roon Labs Software


Version 1.0 (build 12) stable.

Running 1 day, 1 hour, 20 minutes, 47 seconds.

Roon Server Software

RestartToggle Dropdown


Version 1.7 (build 610) stable

Running 15 minutes, 15 seconds.

Roon Database & Settings



98% of 114 GB available.


I have reboot many time. another account works!
thank you

Now I reset the database, it seems that it is all ok

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Yet another corrupted database. Seems to be a lot of that lately.

Roon has a problem and it isn’t “hardware related”.

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