Roon Airplay password required for VSSL, Sonos Amp, Denon AVRX-6300H

Roon asks for a password to enable audio output to three of my devices:

VSSL A.6 (Roon asks for the password for each of the 6 zones, as well as the “Common” zone)
Sonos Amp
Denon AVRX-6300H

None of these devices have an Airplay password set, and none appear to even have any way of setting an Airplay password.

All three devices are operational, with latest firmware, and I can stream music to each via Airplay from my iPhone/Laptop/etc without entering any passwords.

When “Enable” button is pressed in Roon, “Please enter your device’s Airplay password” window is shown. I tried entering no password (just pressing enter) as well as entering “1111”, but I get Roon’s “Warning: AirPlay password not accepted. Please try again” message.

Latest Roon Core is installed on a Mac Mini with OSX with MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 connected with the ethernet cable. Both the locally installed Roon OSX app and the iPhone Roon client are the ones asking for the password.

This situation is preventing me from adding most of my zones to Roon…

Interestingly, clicking “Enable” for the second Sonos Amp (same, latest model) added it without asking for the password.

How do I bypass the password and add an Airplay device in Roon if no AirPlay password is set on that device and it is impossible to set one?

…Resolved on my own (posting in case it helps someone):

  1. Right after installing Room Core/Server and Roon client application for the first time, I started by adding couple of Airplay playback devices (including one of the two Sonos Amps), which asked for no password. I then tried to add an Apple TV device, which did ask for an Airplay password (even though it had none set).

  2. I searched the web and came across a post advising for the Airplay password to be turned on on the Apple TV, so I did, and entered the new password into Roon to connect to the Apple TV device.

  3. I then proceeded to try to add the other three Airplay devices I listed in my post above, and Roon asked for the Airplay password for each. What I did not realize is that the password set on the Apple TV became the general Airplay password for all Airplay devices, including these non-Apple ones that have no way of viewing or setting an Airplay password at all.

Entering the same Airplay password from the Apple TV Roon enabled me to connect to each of them.

…You may want to show a suggestion/tool tip in the Roon App informing the user that the Airplay password set on an Apple TV (which is the only way to connect to it) is the same across all their Airplay devices (?)…

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