Roon Airplay vs Tidal Connect Apple TV

Does Tidal Connect play at higher rates than Roon/Airplay on Apple TV 4K? I know Apple TV resamples audio streams at 16/48 but I can’t seem to find what rate Tidal Connect will play via the app going out HDMI. The fact that Tidal connect can do Dolby Atmos multichannel would lead me to believe the answer is yes but I haven’t seen anyone post about it anywhere who is actually using the new Tidal Connect app on Apple TV.

My thinking is to use Apple TV Airplay as a Roon endpoint for casual listening then switching to Tidal Connect for bit perfect or high resolution files when I want to focus on the music in my Home Theater set up.

Did you ever figure out the various connection options for Tidal Connect vs AppleTV?

Pretty sure that Apple TV samples everything at 16/48 even from outside apps. Currently using HDMI to my TV from Apple TV, then via Wireworld Toslink cable to DAC. Not using as Roon airplay endpoint because it’s not lossless. Tidal app sounds good but lossless Apple Music sounds a little better to me. Leaning towards just using Apple Music and CD’s.