Roon and Dirac (static digital noise) [Answered]

Roon and Dirac still not work well together. Is there any progress? Is it true that Dirac will integrate with Roon in the (near) future?

I have not heard about a Roon Dirac collaboration. But I have heard from Dirac support that they will release a complete rebuild of Dirac Live in Q4 of 2017. Although Dirac tends to be a bit optimistic in their time estimates.

Many people are using Roon + Dirac, including Roon team members. What is the issue?

There is a workaround for the static, where you can turn on power of 2 hardware buffer size. See this thread for more information.

I know, but every now and then the static sound is there again. Power of two is enabled. The only thing I can do is restart Roon/Dirac. It mostly happens when I go from 16/44 to HR audio.

You will have to talk to Dirac about that.

as for collaboration, nothing is planned in the near future. As we are very friendly with their team, the non-near future always is a possibility.

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