Roon and Genre Clogging up My Favorites

I’m absolutely amazed by the faulty logic process that determined that genres should be arbitrarily imported into My Favorites. Worse yet there is no simple solution for this nonsense. This should be no more than a click on a check box. Not a reconfiguration and rebuild of a database. This had to be done carefully so that the same problem doesn’t get reincarnated. I’ve spent a year sorting out albums that I regularly enjoy now the database is clogged with staggering amounts of music that is of no interest and it has made the favorites useless.

Hi Robert,

Can you provide some more detail regarding the problem ? Have you added a Tidal Collection to your library ?

If you did add Tidal collections, this will help …

FAQ: I added collections from Tidal, how do remove that content?

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When I had a remote connectivity issue and I kept doing clean installs of the app onto my QNAP I had the option of choosing genres. I assumed wrongfully that the genres would show as a category of recommended music somewhere. Instead, I have all of my favourites from Tidal mixed with hundreds of albums that I have no interest in. This should have been a simple deletion of “albums imported by genres” or a reset. If I spend the next week deleting them individually I still might not be done.

There’s a way to do it in batch. See the instructions from Carl above. Roon is removing this feature from the installation workflow for the reasons you’ve mentioned - it is causing people to unknowingly import a ton of Tidal content into their library without understanding what is happening.

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You can fix this in 5 mins, see my post above … and follow the linked instructions.