Roon and HiFi Rose 150B

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

About 10,000

Description of Issue

The roon core / app no longer recognizes my HiFi Rose 150B. After struggling with this for 4 hours last weekend, I was able to get Roon to recognize this device; but Roon has lost its mind and no longer sees this device. Nothing changed, since I was not home all week (getting cancer treatments).

I tried to recreate the steps that were previously successful in getting Roon to see the HiFi Rose 150B - but I have been unsuccessful. I removed/disconnected the HiFi Rose in Windows, reset the HiFi Rose and then reinstalled it as a networked drive in Windows. Then I tried to map to this within the Roon Windows client - without success.

What is going on here? Is there a solution that I am overlooking?

Your screenshot of the Network share path in Roon shows you attempting to connect directly to the Rose, and not to a shared folder that has been defined within the Rose drive mapped to a Drive in Windows?

Can you ensure that the Rose is set up to share a folder called rosedisk to the network, and does it support the \\rose-3b\ convention of network address, or do you need to use the smb://rose-3b/ convention?

As an Rose user, I can only say:
Don’t use your RS150 as a NAS for Roon, because it’s really slow and unsecure.
While you’re using Rock:
Put the SSD (sorry, you’ve to backup the datas from there) into your Rock PC.

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I rebooted the roon core, removed the HiFi Rose from windows and reset the SMB sharing setting on the Rose. I rebooted my windows PC and then re-established the connections - that seemed to get the HiFi Rose to start talking to my Roon Core.

I guess I will need to remember this for next time. This is a tedious process.

Thank you for your reply. This networking stuff absolutely mystifies me.


I am ripping the discs directly to the HiFi Rose SSD. When I am done ripping, I will explore transferring or backing up all the data to the core.

This networking stuff has lots of potential but is a real PITA to implement. You would think after 20 years of this (thinking that networking was a significant factor when Win 2000 / XP hit the street), they would have all the connectivity issues resolved.

What I’m doing:

  • Ripping outside on another PC
  • Put the data on my NAS, my Core and (only for stereo) onto the Rose device (which takes a long time)

So I’ve for the most files two backups and (if internet has gone away) the possibility to play my files outside from Roon.

What doesn’t make sense, while using the RS150 as Roon endpoint:
Using the local SSD as source for Roon, because then the datas will transfered from Rose → Core → Rose.

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