Roon and HQP with Big Sur and Mac Mini

Hello everyone,

If I upgrade to Big Sur are there problems with regards to Roon and HQP?

Also, Can a Mac Mini use my tv or laptop screen? With blue tooth keyboard or screen share?

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Im assuming you have HQP on the same MAcMini? you might have some limitations of what filters will operate on HQP with roon running as HQP can be pretty ferocious for CPU use

Yes you should be OK using your TV as a monitor (via HDMI) and wireless K/M

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Thank you Wizard.

The new Mac Mini has the new M1 do da in it which is 8 core and superfast, so the info on You Tube says. Apple have stopped using Intel and are using their own ARM chips.

I think the new chip, if I have understood correctly, will not have a problem with the more demanding settings available via HQP.

I have no idea what you mean by K/M. To me it means knitting machine. I know you don’t mean that. :wink:

The issue at this time is everything with roon and HQP is under emulation within Rosetta 2 as they are not native Apple Silicon (M1) coded apps. Roon might be able to run on M1 natively at some point in time but any guess is pure speculation on my part.

Try it and see, and you could always fall back to a different system that you used in the past perhaps.

Might pick myself up a new mini m1 tmro as they are in stock at my local apple shop in basic models 8gb ram and 256/512gb ssd

There is planned to be native version of HQPlayer for M1, but I just got the hardware this week and got it set up and running today. Next week I will need to install development tools there and so on. Eventually there should be native build.

People have been reporting pretty decent performance for HQPlayer under Rosetta 2, so it will be interesting to see how a native build performs.


Hi-I don’t know what any of that means.

Once one has gone over to a whole new OS it makes it very difficult to go back to an older one because to do that one has to wipe the Mac completely.

At least HQPlayer should run fine on Big Sur…

You cant go backwards on a Mac to an OS version lower than what it was installed with when it shipped. M1 Macs come with Big Sur so that’s as far back as you can go.

Rosetta 2 is what the M1 systems need to run Intel chip based apps like Roon and I guess for now HQP but ALL of the Apple Apps thats are used on Big Sur are now running native M1 code.

Okay. I can sort of see the confusion. My machine came with Catalina, or the one before it.

I keep being told there is an update to Big Sur and just as I avoided Catalina for a long time, I am going to with Big Sur until I am sure Roon and HQ will run on my present Intel chip laptop with Big Sur. (I hate the name already.)

I do not have a Mac Mini. I am merely thinking of it as it is much cheaper than yet another laptop plus I think it will have the power to run any of HQ settings.

The fact I can run a Mac Mini with my telly as the screen is really appealing.

If you want to go full out on the Roon/ HQP DSD upsampling, be sure and get at least 16GB of memory for the Mac Mini. More ram the better.

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Thank you kindly. Would it use the whole of my 65" telly when plugged in?

It should do ie scale to whatever ever resolution your tv supports up to what your Mac supports

Hi Jussi,

Good to know the Native build of HQPlayer will come to M1 platform.
Would cuda offload also usable on Apple M1, via eGPU?


M1 has no external GPU support at this time…maybe never who knows

Tidal to DSD512 upsampling in Roon on MMM1 8GB 512GB machine runs about 3x under Rosetta2

by MM1 do you mean Mac Mini running m1? I thought MACS could not play above 256 and only then if the DAC does 768PCM.

The dac is not connected to the Mac its connected to an endpoint running roon bridge

MMM1 = MacMini M1 chip version…8GB ram is not enough for a large roon library >50K tracks

RAM isn’t usually a limiting factor for upsampling. My music server runs Roon and HQP just fine with 8GB of RAM. Under Windows 10 it used about 6.5GB in total, less now with Linux. You will only need more than 8GB of RAM on a dedicated Roon/HQP server if you have a huge library. I have 15,389 Albums of which 1,800 are streaming.

If you want to upsample with intensive modulators or filters, save the money on RAM and spend it on a faster processor or better GPU with CUDA support.

As mine is running via Micro Rendu is that the same? My dac is connected to that, not the mac but the music comes from a Mac external SSD,

I have 8GB of Ram on my 2020 MacMini. Using Roon and HQP, I get some stuttering when upsampling to DSD 128. As well as with playing native DSD128 files. I have a plug-in that monitors Ram, and the available Ram plummets with DSD128 or higher.

My current DAC (Border Patrol SE-I) doesn’t do anything over 96K, so it’s no longer an issue for me.

CUDA support has been removed from macOS version of HQPlayer because Nvidia has discontinued their support for macOS.