Roon and internet radio: disappointing


I’ve been patiently waiting to see where Roon takes the Internet Radio and Mobile app feature set. Their execution has been good so far.

There are many unique sources of content so Roon should continue to enhance the custom URL feature.

Adding supporting for mainstream “bridging” platforms like and TuneIn would be good as well for many reasons, but not at the expense of being able to listen content not funneled through the Big Boys.

I’ll dance in the rain if Roon rolls out streaming to all my content through the mobile app. This limitation has halted adoption in my home. I use Roon and everyone else uses their flavor of the month app.



Hoping for good news soon.

I actually delayed subscribing to Roon for many months due to the lack of Internet Radio with station browser support, as I usually listen to Internet Radio while working, and would like a single solution for all of my digital music listening modes.

After the (“stop gap” I hope) custom url support was released, I eventually decided to subscribe, and use that, while really hoping that a better solution would come along eventually.

(Jason Finn) #103

My BBC 6 link stopped working because of an update in the bbc side but the new link doesn’t work.

(John Culver) #104

I love Roon. At the same time, the radio functionality is poor. If it even rose to the level of Squeezebox 2008, I would be satisfied. Please…

(KL) #105

Yes, it´s silly that you not can browse radio stations and then add them. Just like in iTunes or whatever. This is REALLY not good

(DSG) #106

Just tried my link and plays OK. Its

BBC 6 radio

(Jason Finn) #107

Thanks. Where did you get that link from?

(Jason Finn) #108

Address doesn’t work in roon - says no radio station found.

(DSG) #109

Odd, try this one.

I got the link from Hifi wigwam

(Jason Finn) #110

Still doesn’t work. In the last two weeks there bbc changed their homepage for music.

(Ged) #111

works fine for me

(Chris ) #112

The BBC have the new sounds app where the IPlayer Radio app is still working for now. That may have something to do with it?

(DSG) #113

Not sure what to suggest. I just added the link again to make sure was as I posted and am listening to Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone.


(Jason Finn) #114

That is really weird. Every time I try to add the station tab Roon spins on and on and then after a minute it says it can’t find the radio station.

(Jason Finn) #115

Ah, maybe it has something to do that you are in the U.K. and I am the U.S. Maybe the BBC disabled the U.S. functionality.

(Edward) #116

Until that glorious day comes when Roon can ‘mate’ with some Internet music providers…is there a Sticky Thread that has a list of URL’s people can share with each other?

(Dick Vliek) #117

(Jason Finn) #118

Got it to work as one has to use this link which is low quality:

(DSG) #119

Pleased you found a link that works.

I think the BBC does limit the quality of overseas access.

I think it was Michael Moore who pointed out that in the USA you need a license for a gun and in the UK you need a license for a radio & tv.

(Chris ) #120

Yes, but the UK license pays for the programming and so much more…