Roon and scrobbling issue...not finishing last song?

I noticed some strange behavior with Roon and scrobbling. The last song I play in a queue is showing in as completed hours after it has stopped playing in Roon. If you look at the image below, you will see the last song I played from Rosie Thomas and Mandolin Orange. For Rosie Thomas, you can see there is a 2 hour difference between the second to last song “Say Hello” and the last song “These Friends of Mine”, even though I played the album all the way through without interruption. The same issue happened with Mandolin Orange. In this case, the last song is showing up 7 hours after I actually finished it. Rosie Thomas is in my library and Mandolin Orange was playing from Tidal.

I think the issue is related to something else I noticed in Roon, sometimes the last song never actually finishes. I can see in the bottom now playing bar, that playback has stopped a few seconds before the actual end of the song. I can play another song or album which “finishes” the current song. This is something I only noticed in build 204.

This just happened again. The last song in the queue stopped with 2 seconds left. This time I noticed my CPU was stuck at 40% by roonappliance even though nothing was playing. Playing another song brought my CPU back down to normal.