Roon and MAC config for audio output setting

I’m using a mac pro with MAC OS Catalina 10.15.4
I’ve connected a McIntosh MA8000 internal DAC with USB interface

It works but the frequency and Bit used is not the original one (the one of track/CD)
It depends on the output (systemOutput or McIntosh, these are the 2 present).
If I go on mac MIDI audio configuration I found McIntosh listed (together with Uscita integrata, in italian) and microphone.
Here I can set format (frequency and bit) but my point is that I do not want to set it, and I would like that the mac would pass the original one to the Amplifier DAC (that can manage PCM till 192KHz 32bit).

Is I set as output System Output it uses a even different frequency and bit …

Which is the best way to configure (also avoiding that the computer does any elaboration fo the audio file and just pass it to the amplifier DAC?


When using Roon, you just need to set it to exclusive mode in the device setup page for your DAC. This bypasses MAC core audio, so the settings in MIDI and sound preferences do not matter.
Here is the Roon Audio Set Up Page that you should read through and follow. Once set up properly, you won’t have to change any settings on your MAC.

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Hi @Marco_Rogiani,

As @AnimalOnDrums mentioned, you shouldn’t use the System Output when communicating with your DAC, but rather the native audio driver for it. You can enable the driver under Roon Settings -> Audio and then you should see the driver’s max capabilities in Device Setup (Roon Settings -> Audio -> Cogwheel Icon -> Device Setup).

hi all
I’ve checked the config and I’ve McIntosh in the list of the roon devices set as ‘YES’ Exclusive mode.
But sill I’ve a doubt… using this output during the listening the DAC inside the Ampli shows the freq correct (for example I’ve listening a track 96KHz 24biy) and bit level still 32 bit instead of the correct one.
If I change track and quality ($$KHz 16bit) still I see the right Frequency but 32bit …


Hi @Marco_Rogiani,

Apologies, but I didn’t quite understand your latest message. Can you please provide a few screenshot to help clarify?

Roon’s Signal Path shows the modifications that Roon is doing to the audio stream, please share a screenshot of this path from your end when playing content to the McInstosh zone.

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