Roon and multiple NAS


Is there such thing as ideal, optimal setup of Roon and NAS by having ones music in single NAS, single watched folder in this NAS?

Soon, i’ll be out growing my current NAS capacity.

And investigating whether to add a second NAS, spreading between current and new NAS.

Or, upgrade current NAS with larger capacity, effectively keeping the music in single NAS.

Does Roon better practice for optimial operations include keeping all music to a single NAS?

Thanks much.

I suspect most of us use one file server to store our music files. But, the predecessor code to Roon (Sooloos) supported multiple music file servers seamlessly. It appears that you can add Watch Folders that “point” to multiple file servers with no problem. Certainly right now I have four different Watch Folders (they are different file systems on one server, though).

The nice thing about Roon is that you can move files about, rescan, and it “remembers” the scanned information, and updates the paths when they are updated. A small example, 2 file servers, old and new, add some new files to the new server, tests fine, eventually migrated old files to the newer file server, rescan, and then consolidate to one server.